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Here are 5 easy steps I'd like you to take before you get started.

1. Update your profile picture (make others see you a real human!)
2. Comment below and describe your top 3 goals for why you want to learn computer programming
3. One reason that made you join the course
4. Respond to 1 other person (unless you are the first person!)
5. Click that button at the bottom right and drop me a line. I am dying to talk with you! Also, you can use that button at ANY time to speak with me (this ensures that you are NEVER, EVER stuck).

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This is a great way to get in touch with the community and if some of you guys have similar goals, you can get in touch together and even make study groups! I can lead the initiative on that if you are interested.

Thanks for going through all the steps. Once you complete all of these, you are ready to continue learning. Onwards!

Adedeji Olugboja
To reach a comfortable level of proficiency with regards to programming.
I wanted to learn Python!
To learn a new skill set to help open up more doors for work.
I'm into machine learning and deep learning
s.udhaya kumar
1.i want to learn atleast one coding thoroughly.
2.i want to become a professional coder.
3.i want to get placed in top company.
Kevin Moreno
1. This will strengthen my major
2. Want to be able to help people and help the "open-source" community for the greater good
3. Be able to have the respect of Elon Musk and able to carry a conversation with him.
Sean Bataya
1. My goal is to use programming in my major.
2. My goal is to teach myself something new.
3. My goal is to improve myself as a possible employee.

Why I joined: I've looked at an enormous amount of programming courses some free and some paid but none of them felt personable. Qazi is a really funny guy and also breaks down information in a easy to digest way for non programmers(like myself).
Brittany Rae Mosley
Hello, I'm Brittany. I've been into crafting, ideas too numerous, and coding and programming. i'm also an artist....coding is beautiful art. my current project is a smart mirror. i have some experience in coding already from media, arts, and animation class.but that was in 2008 and i don't remember much anymore. So i found this place via my obsession with YouTube watching. Hoping to get a reboot and get my ideas from paper to reality.
Vladimir Honcik
1. Want to join a prestige university
2. Want to program apps and websites etc.
3. Want to enjoy life

Why I joined:
Because I want to learn programming for a very long time and this website looks the most professional
Kumar Iyengar
1. Want to learn programming
2. Basically for learning Analysis applications (HDFS)
3. Want to get into Analytics
my 3 goals is to
1.learn coding.
2.have enough skills to study in another country progress in life in enjoyable for me way
I wanted to learn Python!
To learn a new skill set to help open up more doors for work.
To be able to study A.I Programming
Warren Ng
- To pick up a new programming language and refresh myself of the fundamentals of programming.
- To prep myself for university and give myself a head start.
- To reach a comfortable level of proficiency with regards to programming.
Rajan Jha
Wanted to learn back-end programming, came to know that python is easy and basic of em all.
Searched it on youtube found clever programmer JOINED it.
Abraham Nsanga
- To be able to study A.I Programming and contribute to the open source
- To be at a point where i can do free lance work when i need funding for my projects
- To be able to understand and look at python as simple algorithm
You seem to really know your shit fam.
To follow my dreams I had in school to be working within computer sciences as I don`t like my job and I would like to be able to give my family a good start in life.

Was looking about what code to learn and found python was mentioned alot and looked up python on youtube and found the clever programmer video so I signed up.
Christopher Blackey
1. Be able to read my brother's code as he is a comp sci major
2. Develop basic understanding to decide if I want to pursue comp sci in college
3. Try something new!

Why I Joined:
Saw your videos on youtube and liked your mindset
What motivates a 7 yo to code than play PlayStation?
Jeff Uy
I want to feel empowered! My friends are expert programmers and yet here I am clueless about it. :D
Rahul Sharma
I want to learn Python.
Rafeh Qazi
Sweet! Me too. Every day.
tobin williams
Same. Join the club!
Osama Sattar
I want to become a coder and be a pro at it
I signed up after i watched one of your videos
Eddie Medina
I am with you Sharma!
Gautam Katz
I need to change my career from IT support to a developer. Need your help ppl
fahad alotaibi
Hello world

I don't have a lot of reasons

i have one thing " i think it's fun to code "

Robert Charles Thome
I want to have a great career that I could be proud of.
Eddie Medina
I would be the first computer software entrepreneur in my family. I have set realistic goals for my self in order to scratch the surface of computer programming, which are advance what we know about coding, achieve an everyday lifestyle with coding that will comfortably merge my everyday life with my career and help others by keeping a small profit for my hard work. My personal reason for learning Python is in order to achieve and helping others with every day problems!

Eddie M
tobin williams
Hello World,
My three goals are to
1. Understand the world of computer science and programming.
2. Learn code to build radically useful applications.
3. Have knowledge to imagine and make new things.

I joined this course because i was tried of not being able to code. Hopefully it is like learning to solve a Rubric cube, i thought id never solve it. But Ta'Da I did.
Cody Mahaffey
Hey! My name is Cody and I work in biotech and medical devices. Before this I taught engineering and became curiously passionate about microprocessors and how to program them. From there arose my 3 goals:
1. Understand programming for my own enjoyment.
2. Utilize it in creating DIY health monitoring devices.
3. Create an ability for me to enjoy working remotely in the future while creating tools for communities that need it.
I joined this course because I want to start over in my knowledge of programming and work on the fundamentals. Here is to the best!
Jakob Dieterle
Wow, sounds pretty interesting what you are doing there, hope you are doing well and reaching your goals one day ;)
Jakob Dieterle
I want to learn Python (get better in coding python) because I like to create things and to work on my own projects. I would also like to make this for a living some day because I think having your hobby as a job is the best thing that can possibly happen to you... so thats what I am trying to do :)
I hope to have fun in this communiy and learn alot!
Raiyeem Farhan
1. Update your profile picture (make others see you a real human!)

2. Comment below and describe your top 3 goals for why you want to learn computer programming
a. As a tester learn Python so that I can run automated tests for apps
b. I had some programming concepts of "C" which was a part of a module during my BSc(EEE) and then stopped focusing on coding. Now I want to start coding again and based on your youtube video, which actually brought me to this website.
c. I used to love coding which start by creating functions in My Calculator (Casio MS 991x), but I got derailed by mentors in Bangladesh to choose EEE, instead of choosing CSE

3. One reason that made you join the course:
- Your delivery and way of teaching

4. Respond to 1 other person (unless you are the first person!)
- Done
5. Click that button at the bottom right and drop me a line. I am dying to talk with you! Also, you can use that button at ANY time to speak with me (this ensures that you are NEVER, EVER stuck).
- Done
jaseela jasmine
I wanna learn python as I aspire to become a Data Scientist.I am also interested in learning R.Really want a great career in big data and analytics!
Raiyeem Farhan
Nice one. wish you the best
1) I want to do programming as a beginner.
2) I love technology.
3) Looking forward to learn how to read codes.
Muhammad Nasir
1.I want become a top programmer and i love programming
2.I love Digital World
3.I am Information Technology Student
Corry Jackson
1) I always wanted to learn to program. So here I am.
2) Want to take what I learn here to start using Raspberry Pi 3.
3) I want to write a program for Raspberry Pi 3 to replace my car stereo.
1) I want to have fun
Vaidehi Bhadkamkar
1) I will be learning python in University and just want to get a head start
2) I find learning new languages interesting
3) I have extra time on my hand and this took my intererst
Chris Urbano
1. I want to learn a new ability that I am good at
2. Since we are moving into a digital age I feel like like I l can use programming to help the world.
3. I like making things
Nacho Montero
1. I want to make people's lifes easier
2. I want to learn coding in order to do number 1
3. I want to travel the world!!!
Great goals :)

1. I want to create a product that will benefit myself and others in day to day life
2. Learn a new skill
3. Like to be able to work full time using this new skill.
this is peronal information
I'm practicing for when I start my high school classes
learning several languages interests me
game design interests me
Andrew Baxley
Props to you for getting a head start! Programming is a very handy skill to learn and will help you in almost any area of work you might go into. Good luck :)
Andrew Baxley
I want to learn how to program because I've always had a passion and interest with computers and video games. I am highly fascinated in them, and I've even built my own custom PC, which was tons of fun btw. My father is a computer programmer and my oldest brother too. I'd like to know some basics to mess around with as a hobby and maybe pursue as a career. Programming and IT is also very involved in almost every area of work nowadays so it's a highly beneficial skill to have. Learned about this course from your YouTube Channel, which i love :p
hey guys i want to become a programmer because it looks cool and interesting and i love games and it would amazing knowing how to make my own game and know how games work
Noah Tuttle
That's almost the same reason I want to learn!
Noah Tuttle
My top three goals are for why I want to learn programming are
Help me succeed in getting my dream job as a game programmer
help me be more desirable for colleges such as Cal Tech
learn more about the software side of computers
The reason I joined the course is because I saw the YouTube videos and thought the could help me more than googleing everthing
Tyrone White Jr.
My first goal is to learn computer programming to a point where I feel confident learning different types of computer languages. The second goal is to overcome my fear of not being able to learn computer programing. Last goal is to become so good at computer programming that it allows me to teach others. I took intro to computer programming in college and it did not work out well for me. I'm hoping that can be a good start to continue my learning journey.
Alexandra Renee
It's wonderful that one of your main goals is to teach others. There is this whole set of people in the world now who are determined to make quality education available to the world regardless of where one lives in the world and it's so important that you have that passion! Onwards!
Alexandra Renee

The main reason I want to take this course is because I have lots of creative ideas in theory but tend to let them fall by the wayside because I don't know the tech side. I'd love to at least get a solid foundation of understanding of the programming side to either execute myself or understand who to talk to/hire for help with the development.

Another reason is that the future is in technology and it'S a skill I'll always be able to use, even if it's for extra freelance work.

Lastly, this will be a huge challenge as I went for more of the humanitarian sciences in my studies. I'm interested in technology but have never really tried.

Karmanya Veer Sharma
Just trying to save the world.
Cory Turner
That's always a great goal to work towards! :)
Cory Turner
Top 3 Goals:

1. I want to be able to use coding to solve problems
2. I want to add new skills that improve my chances of success
3. I want to make something I think is cool

I want to create things that solve problems and seeing clever programmer's video led me here.
Reuben Varghese
Top 3 goals:
1) I want be proficient in one coding language
2) Build new skills
3) Have the ability to create what I want

Cleverprogrammer's video on what language to learn inspired me to join this course.
Christian Marshall
Those are some pretty solid goals! I am in the same boat! It's all about building yourself and making yourself more valuable!
Christian Marshall
My three goals are:
1. Learn Python
2. Do something I feel is impossible for me.
3. Have a relevant skill
Nathnael weba
Deepak Navaria
Begin ()
1. Get knowledge ;
2. Then Code ;
3. Go to 1 ;
Øyvind Lurås-Henriksen
I'm thinking of learning coding because:
1. I've always wanted to know how to program and code. I think it is an excellent skill to have.
2. I want to start developing my own app ideas
3. I believe that coding and programming is important in the future

The reason i joined this course is because i came across your Youtube chanel, and i loved it.

Gareth Warner
1-looking to gain new skills
2-wondering if this might be something id enjoy as a career
3-hoping to have some fun!
Mustafa Senyurt
1-I want to get a job at big companies like Valve,
2-I want to develop my own game/program
3-If 1st doesn't happen, I want to start my own business
alexis Simbayobewee
I want to learn coding because I want to be able to make my own webs
2. I want to learn how to code using different languages.
3. I want to make money out of that.
kyle Lawson
Just want to learn some new skills
Ruben Lopez Fernandez
Hola...quisiera aprender este método de programació será muy útil
Amish Das
Just wanna learn a new programming language.
Elmer Heino
I want to learn computer programming because:
1. I want to create handy (but simple) tools for myself that other people can be jealous of.
2. Try to develop artifcial intelligence(like skynet)
3. I want to learn native programming languages like c++
Luis E. Troncoso
i like your goals man, it would be amazing to learn how to do that too.
Luis E. Troncoso
Hello, here a beginner!

Here are my goals!!!

1.Learn to code
2.Be able to understand other types of coding
3.Be succesfull in life
Nevres Muratović
1. I want to get a decent job
2. I'm not able to get a job in my profession what makes me frustrated
3. I want to meet a lot of new people from all around the world ^_^
Ajay Dubbani
hello friends

keep calm and learn to code
Nicholas James
Greetings! My name is Nicholas James but you guys can call me Nick. I would like to join clever programmer because I want to learn and at the same time have fun at programming.

3 Reasons :
i) Programming is hard but Clever Programmer is a good platform to start with
ii) Getting in a community of programmer
iii) Party ^o^
3 Reasons to join this course is
1) I am very curious to learn programming.
2) I want to learn different methods and want to see the programming from another angle.
3) I saw your youtube video which encourage me to learn programming and understand the importance & need of programming.

Arnold Kisala
Hello world Exited to try coding and hopefully make a carrier out of it
Tina Flax
Hello World 🌎; nice to be here! I'm a beginner who is excited to grow in coding! A career changing - God willing! See you inside 🤓
António José Mil-Homens Gonçalves
hi...glad to be here, and learn!!!!!!!
mark okafor
hi...glad to be here!
sawan kumar
Lance Goyal
Filip F
1. I got a random inspiration to do it.
2. I want to create an app for the app store
3.I'm young and rarin' to try new things
Prem Savio
My thoughts exactly:)
Christopher Vargas
Nice! Same here, I was laying in bed and was like, I really need to learn how to code. Haha, crazy where those random ideas lead us sometimes, luckily this was a good one!
Prem Savio
I have no idea why i wanna learn programming, but it feels like the right thing to do.
I want to learn python because I want to develop AI technology.
Rafeh Qazi
Ooh fancy! Definitely look out for future tutorials where we might work on machine learning using Python to develop AI!
Chwabo Carl Collins Wayig
wow.I cant wait to have that course.
Chwabo Carl Collins Wayig
that's cool.I have the same dream.
Artificial Intelligence is cool... Good Luck with it ALL!
Chwabo Carl Collins Wayig
I watched some of Rafeh's vidoes on youtube and I said to myself that this is someone who understands the problems am facing as a are my three goals
1.Learn python.
2.Learn machine learning and AI using python.
3.Build my own personal AI assistant and why not share it with everyone on this site.
Mataika Tubananitu
Bula !!! Bro, I want to thank you for put up this web site and teaching/ sharing your knowledge with the world you are such a talented young man. I'm very interested in this kind of things, computer and software and now when i saw you on you tube i was fascinated by it. i'm not IT specialist or anything by I would what to learn programming. Who know I might have a career change. Thanks bro !!! and I sorry i'm trying to figure out how to change my profile picture.
Michael guerra
Im currently pursuing my BS in Software Engineering, and I came across your site and found it very interesting.

1. I have an app in mind with my friend that we'd like to build.
2. Learn the Python Language.
3. Have the best teach me in order to excel in my career and future projects.
print("Yo !")
1.Learn to code.
2.Become a Programmer
3.Create Big Company , Like Microsoft.
I love Technology

Kenneth Collins
I want to learn python for data science. I am interested in political research. I know a little stata and R and want to expand my skills.
Christopher Vargas
Yes!!! We need more stats and fact checkers in politics.
Christopher Vargas
Hello All!

Super excited to get started and learn how to code for the first time!

1. Get familiar with basic concepts of computer science while learning to code for the first time
2. Finish the Program in 2 weeks
3. Become proficient in Python to a point that allows me the ability to write programs and applications of my own
Michael Shields
Hello Everyone!!! I found Rafeh on YouTube and decided to check out his website. I've always loved technology and I'm deciding that i want to make this a career and what better way than to start with Python since Rafeh is the one who recommended this language to start first.
My Goals:
1. Become a Programmer
2. Develop Software
3. Make this a Career
Kevin Klein Nagelvoort
Good luck!!
Love technology too!!
Kevin Klein Nagelvoort
Hi all!

I'm kevin, 32

My goals:

1. learn the basics of coding
2. Read and Understand codes
3. Apply the coding in my future jobs.

The reason i joined the course is the youtube tutorials!

Aman Tyagi
Hey everybody!
Excited to be here & become a part of the family.
Alright, let's get started.
So, my top three ULTIMATE goals are :
1. Learn how to code.
2. Become a programmer.
3. Build an empire.

I believe every problem has at least one solution and if not then, I make sure that I create one.
I am an extremely optimistic human and I am very well aware of the potential that these programming languages have.
I know what do I want to build and I am here to learn, how do I build it.
Cheers to us and our future!!

Andres felipe Mora Guerrero
Thats the spirit, yea its motivating too!!!
hope you keep motivated soy you can build that empire!!, i wish i understood the importance and fun of computer programming earlier, but i wasted a lot of time, no more of that!! im here to be part of the family and hope to learn a lot of computer programming!!!

Aman Tyagi
Thanks man!!
Rj Sayler
1. Understand and create using Python
2. Make a app
3. Understand Python enough to put on a job resume.

Found clever programmer though Youtube.
Filip F
Hey, i want to make an app too!
Bruce C
Who doesn't?
Bruce C
1. Build a website completely with my own coding
2. Be able to show off to my friends
3. Build programs or applications
Adarsh Maden
i. i want to learn new stuffs
ii. want to build an apps
iii and also a websitestoo
Hi All, Just checking out the series from youtube sent me here! COOL BEARD BRO! I think the videos are cool, so let me try this out...
1. Become a Programmer
2. Well i know some software, but I would like to learn more languages (like PHP, I'm doing others as well like C# & C++ & C)
3. Make this a career and either be like "those ppl" that fly around the world checking out beaches!
3a. LOOP/.\
Right On Programmers, gotta love it to be in it but Cheers!
Alexander Escamila
Hello Everyone!
My Goals:
1. Learn to code python
2. Learn to develop software
3. Makes this a career
Seungsik sin
Hello all! I am from korea! I wanna learn Python!!
1. I wanna learn money
2. I wanna develop softwares.
3. I wanna make the world better.
Jerome Michael Andrews
Hi Everyone,

This is amazing ---the interactive way to learn coding ...

My goal is to learn python and i would like to become a programmer.. switch career if i get good at it.

Thank You
All of the industries will be related with IT in the future. So for my future career. I don't know what i will do but i know i need it.

those are my goals

1. Learn how to code and move to next step 2. Become a programmer 3. Graft IT onto the existing system

Hello to all:
I've always wanted to learn programming so here I am.
Edmundo Aguirre
Hello all,
I've always been interested in technology and how it works. I made it a personal goal of my mine to learn programming this year also I've always heard that Python is good language to start off with so here I am. A reason why I joined is because this program seems to understand the struggle of a first timer and that really resonated with me.

Super excited and can't wait to learn the Python language.
Young K Hwang
I think that the convergence of ideas is the key to success. I am a finance guy and programming seems to be a perfect match with finance in the coming years. Wish me luck.
Hello all! I am a 34 year old translator and I decided to make a career shift!! wish me luck :)
Jakob Gramm
My 3 goals are to get a basic knowledge of programming and build my foundation and to complete this course before the summer
Moagi Mathole
My top 3 goals are to create stable programs, finish the course before December 2017, become a more efficient at typing
Sahaj Kapoor
The main reason why I joined this course is because I believe learning is a life-long process and Python is something that I'd like to start with. Another reason was Clever Programmer's YouTube video, it made me feel that this isn't going to be boring. So here I am :)
Elian Barajas
Interested in learning python as a hobby for now, who knows maybe it will turn into a career later in life.
Ethan Castillo
That's great, you never know what's fun until you try it. Like that quote "do or do not, there is no try"- Yoda
Rafeh Qazi
Sure thing. Run around test it out :)
Ethan Castillo
Top 3 goals: 1)to learn to code, 2)learn PHP, JS, and Java, 3)Work for Google.
I joined this course because I am competing in SkillsUSA in March, and I need to learn Javascript and PHP before then. But I also want to graduate knowing more than I would know if I waited until I graduated to go to college. (I'm a sophomore in high school)
shaz maknojia
hey guys, i saw a YouTube video from clever programmer and found out about this program.
my goals are
1. learn how to code
2. become a programmer
3.learn more than one computer language
Romel røse
Hello my fellow programmers happy to be apart of the gang feel really excited to be here thanks to a brilliant young man Mr Rafeh just googled coding nd found your videos on YouTube nd now I'm here trying to fulfill my dream of becoming a programmer.My goals are: 1 To learn about programming and to explore the worldwide web :). 2: To start a career as a programmer in the future. 3: Have fun while working hard to make a name for myself.. Let's just make our dreams become reality and learn from each other..:-) Be safe everyone
Andres felipe Mora Guerrero
1) Motivated to learn computer programming because i want to become a game programmer
2) Love the way that rafeh made me start looking at this, a way to express my imagination
3) Hope i can help other people in the future learning computer programmin!
Marios Kadriu
Thanks you for all your job !!! Yesterday I found you on YouTube and I decide to enroll to your first Python Course.
Amruta Palo
1. Engineering maths and physics have already kicked my ass and expectancy is high for the next 4 years -.-
2. Want to be good in , learn and keeo coding.
3. Don't want to continue disappointing myself by being unemployed post engineering.
Anidhito Irmandharu
Im interested to be a professional program :D , also by the way its a very nice web-tutorial web that you have here !!
David Lu
I agree that it's a very nice web tutorial.
Rafeh Qazi
Yes! You will learn how to be a professional programmer here. We will definitely help you get your first job as well. Glad to have you on board Anidhito.
Anidhito Irmandharu
amen , thank you!
David Lu
I have always wanted to learn programming and my career route took me out of programming environment. Now, I just want to learn it, use it, and explore with it.
Jason Dissanayake
i want to do something different
didn't want to become bill gates ,but wanted to become greater than he is
this is very usefull site
Devansh Panwar
I am 15 and am trying to do something smart!!!!!!!!!!!
Pranav Bhagat
I want to educate myself in this vast field of Computer Technology . So here I am!
Benjamin Valencia
I want to start to learn code so i can get a better job
Mohammed Ameerunnisa
i want to show someone that even i can do programming and i want to become a good programmer
Matthew Smelser
Hello everyone
I've been interested in computers since a young age and I want to learn to code because it allows me to continue to do what I love.
Robert de los santos
Just trying to learn coding ,I saw qazi youtube and I liked how he was teaching , so I started with his turtle by importing and it was fun. I'm 55yrs old and he has the talent to teach so I said why not. So here I am LOL.
Naif Alzahrani
Hello every body,
1. 2017 has started and I have to learn programming in this year.
2.I would like to learn how to code and be a great programmer
Elias Benkaida
*I want to find a solutions for daily human problems
Raju Potharaju

Eagerly waiting to learn.

I'd thank you @ the end of the first Video

Raju Potharaju
Luke Aron Windham
i want to learn how to code because i dream of becoming a game designer. my gal one day is to become a very successful game designer who can, one day, mentor others on how to code
I want to learn computer programming because i like solving problems, i like creating things and because it seems very fun.
The reason that made me join this course was because the structure of it is unique and i think that i will learn very fast from it. Glad that i found you Rafeh :) Keep up the good work!
hi reason i am here is to begin my journey as a programmer m 32 so maybe bt late to start but then again iv still 40 years at least left to give i hope lol id like to maybe go into makng apps or after six months to a year open my own company if do ll hire someone from here. feel free to chat with me peeps or help me as iv no doub this will be a challenge for me. fond my way here from your youtube channel its awsome by far the best out there
i want to be a programmer
ghadeer sleiman
hello at first;
I want to be able to make my own applications
and programs also I hope make money or find a job from this
and I love programming and love when I apply my ideas
Shubham Rawat
Hi everyone I joined this program in order to gain knowledge about this language in a better manner and to be a good developer
Priscila Abreu

Joined in because coding is the future... Let´s give it a try!
Beginner... don't really now or have goals about this course. Hopefully will find my path along the way.
Thanks for reading! ;)
Jacob Teramo
I want to be a software engineer after i get out of the military
Jason McCartney
I was also in the military, brother... US Army! My buddy, from my former platoon, got out and started on this path back in 2008 and told me that I should do it as well, and, after years of struggling to be somebody, I am here doing the exact thing he tried to get me to do, from the start!
Rafeh Qazi
That's a very honorable goal! Very ambitious person and I love that. I'll be here to help you achieve that Jacob. All the best.

Welcome to Clever Programmer.
Jason McCartney
I have many reasons for starting, but I will list a few main points that drive me in my pursuit to become a professional programmer...
1) My babies deserve a better life...
2) Tired of competing with countless others for the highest payed (still not very high, however!), low or no skilled jobs...
3) I have always wanted to learn to code and have always been the kind of person that wants to learn things that most would avoid.
Levi Hansen
Doing this instead of college. Already in a career as an IT Projects Manager and know quite a bit about computers but not nearly enough about programming so I've decided to learn Python so I can become more valuable to my company and make more money.

Anthony Williamson
-Doing this for fun
-hopefully can make some money if not does not really matter to me
-looks cool and interesting to learn
Mitchell Piazza
-Get ahead of college courses
-Make money from this
-Computer science degree in college
Benjamin Mueggenburg
I want to learn Python as it will teach me the fundamentals of programming and help me later on when learning a new language, creating a game (e.g. Unity), creating an app or even creating a website (That has more than one page).
lars-erik løndalen
I wanna learn to program and maybe try to make my own app.
At this time of my life I got a lot of free time and need to learn something for my own health

- I want programming to make money out of it .
- I'm super bored I wanna try something new :D
- I just want to have fun learning something new :D
Eve Moseley
1. Girls can program if they want to
2. To prove my old Computing (IT) teacher he was wrong about me
3. Its cool
4. I watched your Youtube and subbed
Richard Zabdiel Omelda
What did your teacher say about you?
Richard Zabdiel Omelda
Hi Rafeh! Okay, here's why I went here:
- I want programming to be a part of my skillset and I wanna make money out of it.
- I still haven't figured my life out, maybe this is it
- and I'm super bored I wanna try something new :D
I love Programming, Thats my Passion
Dudekula subhan
Live like a programmer is my day/night dream. Thank you sir for the course
My passion about coding started 2 years ago when i was 15 , and now i really thing that its time to start learning programming and coding .
1 - i want to be an android app developer .
2- i want to be a software developer .
3- i want to work with something i love .
Aaron Hunter
Howdy, I joined this course because:
1. I have been curious about programming for a long time and I believe its time for me to start learning.
2. I am passionate about technology since it is my field of interest.
3. I'm taking a Python class this semester and I'm terrified :)
Tirakorn Livingston
I'm in a similar boat as you, Good luck!
Bryce Schultz
I enjoy programming and think python is my next step.
Shridhar Hadpad
i wanna learn to code.
Dominik Friedel
i just started to pregramm out of fun. But i hope that it will be a success. And i love watching Anime :)
Aaron Boozer
I'm a 19 year old African American have no experience and I love learning about technology I got interested in programming because I want to learn the end in and out of a computer and eventually make my own app acc see what I can create
Nathan Swedlund
thats really cool i hope you achieve your goal
Nathan Swedlund
I want to learn programming to hopefully, make games, and other programs, and also just because its a useful skill to have, like a REALLY useful skill to have.
i saw your youtube video 'how to start coding at your own' video. i am really exited to learn & finish this course and will be very happy if i get the proper tutorial & guidance.
hamied amr
I joined this course after i have watched your YT video about how to teach yourself coding
i learned c# with my self but i hate myself i really get tired and no results because i have a lot information but i can't build my app after that i learned c++ on my faculty(engineering)
but it was something like hell i do a complex project because of grades but i don't feel any fun on that i love computers i want to be computer engineer so i want to get deep on coding and software engineering and i hope to reach y goal
Brian McNeil
I joined the course because of the "How to Teach Yourself Code" video on youtube. I like how personal this website is and I feel it will really help learn code.
Abdulla Omaruddin
You're very right.
aanchal chauhan
i want to learn programming because i want to learn new stuff and make a career as a programmer.
Brian McNeil
I agree
Abdulla Omaruddin
I am studying engineering and have been interested in programming for a while. Everything in the engineering world is programmed. So that's why I have chosen to learn computer programming. It's the future.
Jun Marveh Valle
i want to learn programming for my basic needs in work. like automation in making schedules, payroll and etc.
I join in this course to learn. I am purely a beginner in this field.
Anderson Fung
Best of luck!
Why I want to learn computer programming:
1) It's something new
2) It sounds interesting
3) just for fun

This course was recommended to me by a friend
Anderson Fung
Current top 3 goals:
-Learn Python to understand how programming works
-Learn how to webscrap to collect data for fun analysis
-Understand how the internet works

One reason that made me join the course - I saw a few of Rafeh's python tutorial videos on youtube and thought he was pretty thorough with the material.

Looking forward to completing this course with all of you.
Shreshth Kaushsik
thank you , i always wanted to learn how to code , wanted to explore this field
Victor Hugo Alvarez
I am a 10th grader, and plan on pursuing a career in computer science while maneuvering robotics 🤑
Thijmen Bonhoff
Good luck
Thomas Hugh Doherty
Hope it works
Daniel Marin
Wishing the best.
Good luck, hope it works for you :D
Thijmen Bonhoff
1 : I love computers.
2 I want to make my own games .
3: Programmer jobs are well payed.

I joined the course because Phyton is not the hardest language to learn and the course looked professional.
Jeremia Leonard Abdining Gusti
Greetings from Indonesia. I've tried some resources online and never met the great one for me.
1) I'm pretty sure that programming is my passion
2) I want to start ahead before taking computer science in college
3) Programmer is a promising job
Anidhito Irmandharu
Hi ! im from Indonesia aswell , goodluck on your studies !
Peter Nicholas Field
My top three goals are become a computer engineer go to Russia and change the world!
Anidhito Irmandharu
Good luck mate !!
Ian Wixom
That's cool! Why do you want to go to Russia?
Chadi Idrissi Jazouli
1) i have always loved computers
2) i love rubiks cubes
3) i want to become a programmer.

i joinet the course because i liked your youtube videos and i decided to give it a try:)
Ian Wixom
I would like to learn computer programming for the following reasons:

1) I am comfortable with computers
2) There is a need in the market for them (great wages where I live)
3) It's going to be necessary to know computer programming in the future.

I joined the course because this course looks well organized and I learn a lot from your videos.
TJ Ciccone
Hi all, I'm a 24 year old guy looking for a rewarding career in technology and looking to gain experience in programming before i go to get my computer science degree and continue on into artificial intelligence/cognitive science. I am hoping to gain some real knowledge through this course and
Zsolt Bisztray
Hello, I'm 35 years old. I am hungarian and lived and worked in the UK as a croupier for several years. I worked in the last 8 years as an online pokerplayer and i think it is time to change.

My 3 top reasons would be:

1. I have plans for the future and i need to learn how to code.
2. I prefer working with a computer i got used to it.
3. I had to realise coding is like basic knowledge nowdays.

Your videos convinced me, this is the place where i should start.
Pedro Miguel da Silva Monteiro
Hello, I'm a 24 years old Portuguese Product Designer and I've been always naturally interested by technology and design.
Among many reasons, i guess the 3 main ones would be:

1. The excitement of learning something new;
2. It's simply a perfect skill to match to my design skills;
3. I think everyone should have the right to know how to code.

I decided to use this platform because it rocks, Qazi.
Sam Hart
Top 3 goals are.

hi, im brazilian an i wanna learn python because:
1 start making simple to more complex games
2 being more qualified for a better job
3 expand my knowledge
i think python is the easier to learn programation language. thanks
simon ubi
Hello am Simon am 31 want to learn the basics of python programming
Arjun Sasi
Hyy iam arjun and i need to study programming as i want to make a robot
Adam Kovac
Hi Adam from Slovakia here. Im 15 y. old and i want to learn at least the basics of programong.
1.I feel like its going to pay off
2.I hope it will be fun
3.Its good to stay updated with the technology

Good day to everyone reading this.
Alexandra Phara
Hi! So I saw your comment so I just replied according to #4.
We have the same age and I thinck that we also hava passion. I would be glad to have a friend! :))))
Alexandra Phara
1.It's so fun
2.I love programming because it's like magic
3.I don't want a boring job
Sukhvinder Singh Malik
It is cool
i was watching videos and unfortunately came across your videos and it was very cool
Alvin Ramdhanie
I'm a beginner and would like to learn the language of the computers.
1) its sounds fun
2) computers are kind of my thing
3) I'm curious
I am a complete beginner and for some reason, I just have a pulling to learn this.

I am very curious :)
Hi Bhavin 24 years old. Wanted to start scripting using python for work.

1. good pay off
2. Automate task
3. Adabability
gokhan fikri
Hi all, Gok from london here.

Three reasons i want to learn python
1) feel it is very important to keep up to date with the latest technologies so you dont get left behind and its too late to catch up!
2) Im a really creative person, a mechanical and electrical engineer and would like to see how creative i can be virtually!
3) looking to develop an app idea i've recently had and would be great to understand and communicate, even have some imput with the developers on creating this app

happy learning
ahammed shahid
Want to learn.
Jacob Ira
I'm currently enrolled in college in the software engineering department and feel like I'm behind where the other students are and am looking to catch up/learn a new language.
Clint Brosius
1. Always a student, never a teacher.
2. I want to help those who are struggling.
3. I would like to work at the Google Headquarter.
Luis Tenen
1. I always want to learn how to code.
2. I want to help the world.
3. Educational reasons.
Brendan Martin
Looking forward to learning how to code, no previous experience but need a new pass time
Balan Elena
In highschool I'm learning C++ and... let's just say the teacher's methods are not the best. So I thought I'd try a less chalenging language somewhere I could actually enjoy coding rather than trying to memorise lines of code for a grade.
Ashutosh kumar
the reason i'm here is that i want to learn coding....i have no basic knowledge of coding....i never played with the codes.....i want to learn it and looking forward to create one coding language
Jorge Cruz
The reason I came here is because a new invention idea that I have a patent for needs some programming for it to work correctly and safely for consumers in the world of communication. Its game changing new technology. I have a drafting degree so I understand Autocad, Civil3d, Inventor, Revit, 3DSMax and a few other drawing programs.

My top three goals are:
1. Learn how to program my invention idea.
2.Learn how to add the code/language that I learn to my animations.
3.Network to find programmers for my future company.
Jordan Paul Hernandez
i was forced out of sports cause you know life LoL but i i really do enjoy computers and i have always wanted to work on computers there is soo much you can do and its all there to learn just have to take your time and patients to do so
Valdo Vilain
The reason why I've chose to join the course is to expand my knowledge in computer programming and work with Python.
My top three goals are to:
1. Consume as much information as possible to be prepared for my computer science courses next semester.
2. Master the art of programming
3. Keep going whether if I fail or not
Luta Albert
I want to learn to code because i find it fun and i enjoy to build something from scratch. I also think that computers will be the future, so why not learning coding before everyone else(i m in highschool).
Glad you are thinking in advance. I currently graduated with a B.A. in English let me tell you that although I enjoy what I have learned, computer science is what is in demand nowadays. As much as I tried to resist, yes it is the future! I agree. I hope I am still on time, too.
Te Rauoriwa Wilson
Hi my name is Te Rauoriwa, this course was recommended to me by my brother, have always wanted to do programming, have no programming skills whatsoever, been looking for a course that I can follow with not too much hassle want to start with the basics ie the nuts & the bolts... love a challenge, goal is to understand & learn programmers language, and fianally to complete the course.....looking forward to a new career start.....

love a challenge,
the goal is to complete this course.....
Hello Everyone!
I am super excited to start learning something that I never thought I would do. So here I am a complete beginner.

I guess my top reasons for choosing to learn python are:
It perhaps might open career paths
It'll enlightened me in some way or another. Perhaps, it'll enhance my current career goal by making me more creative at the job.
Lastly it just sounds interesting. Why not!
Corstiaan Roon
Top 3:
1. Become a good programmer.
2. Learn a new language.
3. To come further with my education
Emmanuel Semahegne
Hey, my name is Emmanuel. I want to learn to code because I am interested in improving my skills with programming skills to help me transfer them to other languages!
Jermy Kock
Hey my name is Jermy Kock. I want to learn code because 1. I want to be a programmer 2. I want to able able to make small games with code. 3. I want to actually make money off it do be able to program a game or an app. The reason I joined the course is that I want to start with the basics and simple programming languages that are out there.
Antonio Avila
Hello my name is Antonio and I am a 3D generalist. I'm interested in increasing my marketability/skills because I will be able to make more money but also increase and improve my 3D efficiency by learning Python. Python will allow me to customize 3D programs such as Maya/Modo, and perhaps create my own plug ins. Your ad sparked my interest to learn Python as my first language. I was planning on learning Javascript first but you convinced me to switch over to Python.

Once I get the concepts of programming (Python) I feel I will be able to pick up other languages such as Javascript. I'm definitely right brained but feel I'm a good problem solver and feel I can make a great programmer due to my creative background.
Vincent Buyl
Hello, I'm Vincent Buyl. I always dreamed of becoming a programmer even I thought it was impossible to beginning with. I'm half blind and it's hard to read the code. When I found your videos, I wanted to give it a try. I'm really looking forward to this even I'm still 18. You told me in your video to start with python, it seems to be nice to start with. My goal is to help others, in a way with coding. Helping people or giving people advise is a lovely way of living I think. I hope I can use this for later. School is getting harder and I'm already repeating. I'm doing something that I don't like and I don't have the possibility to change. I hope this is a great way to start a new journey for me and for others.
Richard Franck
Hello, I'm Richard from Sweden. I found this website through one of your videos and I thought it would be cool to start learning programming, and since you talked so foundly about python this seems to be the place to start.
My only goal is to be able to make a small game (hopefully platform), somthing similar to the original super mario.
Rafeh Qazi
That's an awesome goal!

The Learn Python OOP course will make you completely ready to create your own games.

Might be a good idea to look into that :).
Eric Tang
I am looking to
1) make full use of the computer to do some of the heavy lifting for work purposes, I work in the financial markets and am looking to do computer simulations, and automation. Much of what I do is manual at the moment
2)data mining and analysis, one of my interests
3)career in IT???
Bogdan Iurie
1.My dream was to do some games (but i don't think i can make it that far)
2.I want to improve myself
3.Just for fun
Excited to Reboot Career. Watch out for the Reverend Professor ;-)
Goals 1. Challenging myself
2. IT Career Restart
3. To teach others
Cool! :)
Rafeh Qazi
That is a great goal to have!
1. Because programming is interesting....print ("Hello World") :)
2. Be able to do stuff with programming....print ("Hello Milky Way galaxy") :)
3. Be able to think outside of the box....print ("Hello Space....the final frontier") :)
Greetings from Croatia...print ("I am" + str(37) + "years old") :)
Yannis Van Herp
My goals:
1.are to be able to work for Google or Facebook.
2.To know how to write code
3. To have some Pre-Knowledge of programming before going to college to study ComputerSience.
I started this course cause it seem very good for beginners.

Ewan Gravey
My goals are:
1. to be able to work for google
2. to own my own computer company
3. to have a high knowledge of computer programming
i joined this course as it is very easy to understand and use for a first time coder at the age of 15.
Ewan Gravey
My goals are:
1. to be able to work for google
2. to own my own computer company
3. to have a high knowledge of computer programming
i joined this course as it is very easy to understand and use for a first time coder at the age of 15.
Gari Alfaro
My goals are:
1. To Pursue my dream
2. To make money, for my family
3. And to become one of the top developer.

I joined this course because the way teach is so clear and also you give us some exercise for us not to bored in your course.
Vinoadh Kumar Krishnan
I am materials scientist. I am looking forward to computer programming for meeting the following goals;
1). To perform computer simulations to evaluate the microstructure of material at high temperatures
2). To perform computer simulations for understanding the defect structure in materials
3). To teach under-graduate students about the beauty of microstructural modelling of materials
Very cool field. Wish I had studied Materials Science long ago.
My 3 goals:

1. Learn something new in 2017
2. Exercise my mind
3. Have fun and enjoy the ride

Reason I joined this course was the fact you seemed cool like my other software buddies and you seem to really want to help others learn a valuable skill.
Austin Koons
Since the age of like 4 I have had the dream of being the man behind the video games I loved. I wanted to program games. I watched your YouTube video "How to Teach Yourself Code" and thought this site seemed legit and I would give it a go.
Jonas Abarham
I'm 12 and from Germany. Computer programming makes me fascinated.
Phuc Le
My 3 goals:
1. Learn a new programming language this year
2. Do more than just my daily job
3. Build a robot

Reason I join this course: saw the youtube videos and wanted to check this out
import turtle
def circles(length,angle,new):
for i in range(25):
watch his video on how to show and share code the right way. I believe it is the second one before lesson 0 (:
1)a. To be a cyber security specialist
b. To be a part time app/game developer
c. To learn a new essential life skill
2) I followed you on YouTube and saw that you were an amazing youtuber and teacher so I visited your website and here I am. I like what i see (: Thank you for this opportunity to learn Python!
Ryan D'Manuel
-To become a advanced programmer
-Learn new skills
-build something unique

2) I joined because i wanted to learn a new life skill which likely be useful in the future
Ereatara Kokiri
Ex teacher looking for new tech in education love the way you make these exercisers easy comfortable and simple to follow for older learners. Excellent
Anas Hamidov
my goals are,
1. To be able to create my own staff.
2. To make my own business in future.
3. To learn new skills and have fun with it.
Thank you
Mom Monyratana
My top three goals are learning how to code, create my own blog, and learn something new. The reason that brought me here is I love your YouTube channel, and it seemed like a great way to start coding for beginners.
Ryan Haley
Top 3 goals:
1. learn new skills
2. understand code
3. build something

I wanted to learn Python and liked your youTube channel.
Mohammad K Mansouri
I'm about to start learning python language in this course and I got that It's totally better to start with easiest one. I'm so happy to be hear and i thank Mr. Rafeh to help us learn this language!
xavier santos
My name is Xavier, from Portugal and my top 3 goals here are:
-Start programming in 1 language (phynton);
-Teach my friends how to code;
-Develope an aplication!
And that's all, thank you for reading my comment :D
Roberto Torres
You're welcome
Roberto Torres
1. Money
2. Ca$h
3. Hoez

Found on youtube
Diego dos Santos Rodrigues
1. learn the programming language (python)
2. Develop geoprocessing tools for QGIS
3. Develop applications for GIS

One Reason That Made Me Join: The course should be very interisting as featured on YouTube.
Ahmad Ashraf
My top 3 goals
1.Mastering at least two programming language
2.Know how computer works
3.Create apps
Cooper Mann
Top 3 Goals:
1. To make the world a better place
2. To become an programmer in the world of tomorrow
3. To teach others to advance in the world of computers

One Reason That Made Me Join:
This seemed like an interactive, fun course that is friendly to all users.
Arief Rosadi
same with you, I also want to make the world a better place.
Arief Rosadi
I'm Aros, from Indonesia.
The reason why I start this course because I love technology, create my own startup, and want to make a better world.
Strive to be the best programmer that i can be!
Learn new languages!
Learn new ways to do things!
Have Fun most importantly!
I would like to see more of what you guys do and be a part of what it is you are doing
Wong Xien Hean
Hi I Am A 11 Years Old Kid. Nice To Meet You.
Wong Xien Hean
Hello,I Am A 11 Years Old Boy.I Live In Malaysia. I Joined This Course To Learn About Programming.
(Im Not Uploading A Photo Because It Is Private.Sorry!)

1) Wanted To Learn About Programming
2) Hope To Meet Friends While Learning
3) Programming Is My 3rd Hobby
Latasia Harrison
i chose to enroll in light of a new hobby. im a college studet considering changing my major.
Programming can be a very good hobby!
It can get almost addicting sometimes.
I am actually in a technical college almost done with my associates in computer science
and i absolutely love it!
Hope you figure out what you would like to do!
jason polansky
why not try, learning only leads to more opportunities
Bell Chima
3 Goals for 2017:

- learn a programming language (python)
- learn a programming language (python)
- learn a programming language (python) :-)
gabbie feller

my top goals are
1. learn how to create bots.
2. get a career within programing.
3. learn as many coding languages as possible :)
thats great and good luck with that, i know u will make it
Amber Woodmore
that's really cool
1. make some of my ideas come to live
2. get a job as an programmer
3. learn 1 coding language before 2018
Adolfo Mondragon Echeverria
hi adolfomondragon lawyer entrepreneur love science philosophy , one of my motors in this are robotics , creating mi apps and own personal assistant
Amber Woodmore
I don't want to be one thing I want to know multiple things. Who knows maybe one day this will come to use.
Jordan Hansen
Hey, I'm Jordan.
My career goal is to make music and sounds for video games primarily, and I would love to have (at the very least) basic programming/coding knowledge to make it easier on potential teams I work with in the future, to be able to design small games of my own, and maybe get into creating applications for IOS/Android or web development or any number of related things, learning Python as my first language and branching off from there if I don't suck at it!
madan raj
HERE I GO,....
stavros gkantsin
Wilson Waithaka
I just want to see characters make a machine perform random tasks that I initiate.
Sebastian Gomez
Hey there!
My reasons to learn code are:
1. I am from a small country, I want to be able to make a difference there developing tools to help people feel more empowered with affordable and quality education, and I believe learning to code will give me some of the tools I need to reach my goals.
2. I have been trying to learn code for a while, but I tend to get stuck with all the problems Qazi described in one of his youtube videos. I hope this course will actually be better.
3. Computers are EVERYWHERE! I don't know about you, but I wont be sitting and waiting for Skynet to rise against humanity...

I joined the course instantly after checking out on some of Qazi's videos, because he looks like a really down-to-earth guy, It's obvious he knows what he is talking about, and he manages to explain himself in a straightforward way.

You have to create an account to upload a frigging photo!

That's it!
Don't hesitate on writing!
David Tassignon
Hello everyone!
In my free time I decided to take my knowledge to a wider perspective. Programming was the ticket to the next level.
1. I'm interested to wider my scope
2. Thinking about signing up to some programming courses
3. Start developing applications
I decided to join this course by the idea I already mentioned, to wider my scope and not only to stick with economics.
William Drury
Good luck on your journey through programming! it can be a very interesting field
William Drury
Hello! Top 3 goals are...
1. learn how to make somethings cool with programming
2. keep learning so that one day i can pursue a job in this field
3. become a computer wizard
one reason that made me join this course is watching your youtube videos!
Robert Crawford
Hello everyone! My top 3 goals are
1. Learn to program "Once and for all!" Lol
2. Meet and talk to people who are intellectual and can carry on an intelligent conversation.
3. Try to "if lucky enough" change my life path.
I did way back in high school take some classes on Basic and Fortran. Don't think I remember any of it.
I really think it is cool that their are so many people from around the world here!
parth goel
i wanted to work in google(life long dream), my english tho and i aint good at any coding.i am 15,willing to learn alot,i want to learn everything i can in my lifetime
Wojciech Gwardjak
Nice goal!!!
Wojciech Gwardjak
What's up everyone?
I decided to join this promissing course to learn programming of course :D
According to this decision, which is getting new skill in coding I want also to find good job with reasonable level of salary (what in Poland it's not so obvious).
I hope that this course will help me to understand coding and become attractive for further employees.
I would like also to create my own apps - I think it's amazing (especially with those colourful amount of different kinds of windows to may to click!).
Thank you so much for introducing me into this course!
karthik sundar
i need to learn programming bcos
1. i love it
2. i like robotics. i have made them but used only drag and drop style to program them so to take it to the next level, i need to learn programming.
3. i need to invent something new.

i joined this course bcos i saw that video of yours and was inspired from it. it was a great one
to learn coding means to chat with machines....that is why i am dying to learn coding
coding makes me feel rocking and bindass
i love coding but
the reason i joined this course is because
got tired form lots of online forums so came here to see a difference..

Kevin Santos
Why do I want to learn computer programming?
- to make this a living
- to help myself and others to be more productive
- I'm young and have plenty of time, why not?

Why did I join the course?
- the videos on your channel are truthful and straight to the point; I am hoping that this course about coding is as well
Abdulsalam Ajayi
I'm Ajayi Abdulsalam. I wanna learn how to programme because I understand that if I do, I can change the world for better and I can also do stuff for myself, which always makes me really happy.
Kaven Wong Xien Hean
Hello Everyone. I Am Just 11 Years Old.I Joined This Programming Lesson Because I Want To Become A Programmer When I Grow Up And I Am Lonely All The Time So Learning This Can Make Me Happy
Trevor Winger
I joined because I think that I have some cool ideas that can be put to use (programming is the platform for this)!
Manny Garcia
I joined this course, because I want to learn the basics of programming and see if I enjoy it before starting a degree in software engineering.
i am in med school ,its 3rd year of my professional dental degree and i suddenly got so motivated to learn the computer programming ,it will be an honor to learn something that has taken over the world so fast
Karin Miruna Tica
I want to learn programming cause I really love that and also is my passion!
Micah James
I really want to learn how to code and finally become one of the World best app and website designer
Andrea Sutz
Hello everyone, I recently became interested in coding while taking a high school course that touches on the subject. As of right now I want to major in computer science since computers are the future. I hope this course lets me know if computer science is in fact for me.
Luis Alvarez Feliciano
Hi everybody !! I'm actually in my 3 year in college in Network Technology and application development but I want to be active in the coding area, that's why I'm here. I'm Army active, I have a year before I get out (75% probably I'm out, hehe) and I'm about to be deployed and I want to take this deployment to add more to my knowledge and to be prepared when I go to the civilian life and jobs. I love the programming it's a way of life that I want to be on it.
Homin Lee
Really want to learn how to code and finally want to be a great app designer.
Started many years ago but life took over and lost all time to sit and learn with work etc. Now decided to spend my free time learning programming as i always loved trying to learn C++. It will lead me to wherever it leads me too :)
Blu Scythe
I'm in this course to learn the very basics of programming, establish a base which I can branch out to other languages from, and let's be honest, has no one here ever wondered how things are made? Even whatever you're reading this comment on uses code. I'm in this course for the 3 reasons above, there's nothing much else to explain.
Alan Willever
1.) Learn Python to establish a base line to further my knowledge in other languages.
2.) Get fluid in the language to potentially earn a job in this field!
3.) Who doesn't want to be able to build things from scratch?!
I never had any experience about programming but after I recognized your channel I got this motivation to get started. In my school I have no programming course but by your Video tutorials and course on this website I will learn the basics first and then I want to keep going and learn more languages to improve my programming skills.

#qazilove #qazimentor #weloveyou
Programming is great, the community is also amazing, but I've learnt too many time basic courses and never know how to make the leap to more advanced stuff or make use of what I've learnt.. I simply love to solve problems and talk to machines heheh
Mohammed Alfathali
I still don't know what I want to do with programming but I've wanted for so long to learn programming
Hopefully python will set me on the road , to shape my idea of what I want to make with programming .
And Qazi , you have a good attitude and simplicity that drew my attention to keep following you on your program.
keep up the good work .
gagan parkiti
Basically I am non-programmer background and I am passionate aboush playing computer/mobile/ps4 games.
I would like to develop a small game on my own with python programming.

"commented by: Carl Albert - 80 years Old" wow this so awesome.
Its shows that how passionate about learning new things at his age.

This is very great to inspire for everyone those who are ready to learn thing in life.
I am one among them. wow hip hip hurray...lets kick start python programming. :-)
Imran Hossain
I want to learn programming to be a programmer and grow up my career and do something for other.
Luis Alonso Miramontes
I want to learn code because I want to be able to be the architect of something beautiful and cool be it an app or whatever
Carl Albert
Thanks Fayma
fayma omar
Ahmed H Bal
Her we are again i hope i finishe it this time
Rafeh Qazi
You better. I'll be here to push you through!!
Carl Albert
85 years old, still have some time left to learn something new
Rafeh Qazi
Wow Carl!

Let's keep learning!

If you want to book a 30 minute session with me for free just to talk, we can make that happen as well!
Judd Karn
1. How To Create An App
2. Learn Python
3. Learn C++
Luis Santana Meza
My main interest is that for wanting to learn Python is, I've always wanted to be tri-lingual. (Currently know English and Spanish)
Second, I love to learn, learn, learn
And finally, I have always had an interest in learning how computers and technology works.
Mohamed Taher
Just curious
Thomas Hugh Doherty
One reason I want to code is just because it looks cool and I would like to make a game one day
Seth Satterwhite
Sounds like a good long term goal that you're going to have to really work for.
Seth Satterwhite
I decided to learn coding because computers have always been an interest of mine.
Alexander Perelman
I have decided to learn code because I think it's really interesting AND WANT TO LEARN SOMETHINF NEW!:)
Tijana Rajic
That's my reason too, good luck! :)
rolando gonzalez
the reason i have decided to get into coding is because i want to become a software engineer. steve jobs and bill gates have been two people i have always looked up too and they by far have changed the world in many ways.
Nahid Quader
I want to learn computer science because I thing making a program is one of the coolest way to make something new with your crazy ideas. So I want to learn computer science because I want to make something new!!!
Julian Kaiser
Hey everyone, I'm Julian, 24 years old. I found Clever Programmer on Youtube and think it's a cool project! My main reason is that I want to change careers pick up some real skills and also implement all this in some entrepreneurial way. First it would be great to be a Freelancer to substitute my current Job .. Looking forward to meeting you guys! Best Julian
Singam Sudheer Reddy
I always find a course interesting at the beginning and after a few days I feel like I can't take it anymore..........let me see If I could make through this python coaching....hope for the best to happen........!!!
jean johnsen
for making an app, probably a game in 2d with cool self desined characters and artstyle
Gaston Gachetegui
Sound awesome, i hope i can do that in a future
Jose Horta
This sounds like a pretty cool idea.
Rafeh Qazi
Sounds like the upcoming Python GUI development course might be for you :).
Gaston Gachetegui
I always wanted to leaarn programming, i really find it interesting
Jose Horta
Hello, I am Jose Horta and although my picture is blank, I am in fact a human... I hope. The top three goals that I have for wanting to learn coding is to be able to create my own websites as an entrepreneur, to have some background information before i start coding in school, and to just earn a cool new skill. I joined this course because your videos seemed very good and i wanted to get in on the learning.
hafeez ahamed
i am from india. i have been wasting my time watching movies.but deep down i always wanted to learn programming. but i thought its difficult until i saw your video on Youtube. i want to create apps.
Anthony Davis
ive always been interested in learning computer programming. Just never knew where to begin. Saw your youtube videos and I liked how you broke down information and why you prefer started with python. I was having trouble deciding which of the many languages to choose before i saw your youtube video. I am a full time nursing student be i want to learn coding in my spare time.
Rodrigo Pedetti
Rodrigo, from Uruguay and im looking for a easy programing leanguage
marios awasthi
1)i m a tech geek and just wanted to learn another language exept scilab and pascal
2)saw your youtube videos
Ketan Paliwal

I'm feeling very lucky as I came across such a wonder site called "". Before mentioning my goals I would like to suggest everyone those who carry a innovative idea like facebook, uber, paytm, amazon etc. in there mind which have power to change the world and most importantly to those who are not just a dreamers but really wants to work on their ideas. Please don't depend on anyone in this Innovative and Fast moving world. And that is my first goal i.e. to present my thoughts I don't want to be depend on someone but much better way I want to become a single beginner/presenter/creator of my project by learning how to code. My second goal is, after learning and implementing the concepts and applying those into my project I would like to pass my thoughts to others in the technical terms to the people sharing similar goal carrier like me. :) I'm hoping to learn as much as I can. Thank you.
Romeo Montague
Hi, Romeo here:
My top 3 goals are to
1. Learn about the wonders of coding and programming
2. Create cool projects
3. Pursue a paid career in the future
I joined this course after watching the awesome youtube channel. Keep up the great videos!!
Nicholla Chan
Hey. I'm from Fiji and I am, in fact a real human despite my profile photo
My top 3 goals are to
1. learn as much as I can about computer science and programming
2. discover and create
3. take this field up as a profession
I cant tell you
My top 3 goals are to
-create creative things with python
-learn to reverse engineer python script
-become a hacker
Micah James
Hi guys I'm Micah i am 16 years old
My top 3 goals why i want to study computer programming is because
1. I want to make my own Website, apps and games
2. I want to become a Programmer and software Engineer
3. I want to make good amount of money
kenneth R. Aponte Mendez
Hi guys i am from Puerto Rico and i am 15 years old
my top 3 goals
-get an introduction of programming to help me study software engineering on collage.
-work on a company as a software engineering.
-Be a game developer or app developer.
I really hope that this site can help me get started on my future career, thanks Qazi!
1. Hi guys I'm Adrian from the Philippines and Im here to learn a little something about coding.
2. Top 3 goals: 1. Setting a goal and finishing it. 2. Learning perseverance 3. Learn the virtue of patience. ( My goals sound like a book, I know)
3. One reason I joined is to test my perseverance and to learn something I did not think will be easy.
4. Done
5. Thank you guys!
Berkay Tekin
It's Berkay here. I'm 20 but when I met with computers long time ago. I always loved them but never considered to learn coding until couple weeks ago. I met a Hungarian guy who learnt coding through youtube, i was like what the hell? I can do that too! and kinda promised him to learn when i was drunk so promises shall be kept. See you around class mates!
Hi Berkay, wanted to comment and reach out to a fellow group member here. Thought your story sounds cool, hopefully it'll be fun and exciting like the way you put it. Cheers mate!
Hi I'm Inder. I want to learn programming coz
1. I always wanted to learn to code but never had a chance
2. want to change my career
3. make money

I like the way Qazi presents the course making it enthusiastic and interesting. Your youtube videos are one the reasons which motivated me to make a start to learn coding.
Samuel Kent Garcia Bañares
And I want also to be a Software Developer someday :)
Samuel Kent Garcia Bañares
Hi I'm Samuel from The Philippines :)
My top 3 goals why I want to learn com.programming because, I idolize my brother , I want to make my own apps or websites and so well for my future and I can also profit .
One reason that made me joined this course because I want to learn more than what I'd learned before , I'm only 14 yrs. Old , and I'm interested , Im tired of searching and searching to google and youtube. Im struggling
Johan Sundvall
Hi all!
The name is Johan and I from Sweden.
Saw your video on youtube and really like it. I wanted to get into coding for quite some time but I never really did anything about it. So I decided to do something about as kind of a new years resolution 2017 :)

My Top 3 goals for coding is:
1. I want to be able to do simple, and maybe in the future advanced, programs/scripts that will help me in my work. I work with building automation, KNX to be more exact.
2. Want to be more knowledgeable about how computers and programs work. I use them everyday and I only use/see the surface of what is going on. I want to know what goes on behind the scenes.
3. I fell in love with HTML code in high school but fell out of it when i graduated and had to start focusing on jobs and such. I want to get that love back :)
allen cao
would like to learn python because i would to be connected to internet world...I feel i'm out of date through i am using computer every day, but i want to know how the softwares/tools in my computer are created...
As Roy
i want to learn because
to digitalis my ideas
to change my world
to change whole world.
I'm trying this out because I am in college studying Electrical Engineering but struggle with computer programming classes the most. I have taken "java" and "MATLAB" and struggled in both.
1. Actually learn and understand programming.
2. Help others in my position.
3. Become a successful Electrical Engineer.
Seyma Sean
Well, I'm a mechanical engineering student, first year to be exact and my top 3 goals: designing the game, i also want to be a programmer, and programming is COOL! I saw your video on youtube and your explanation was really clear and easy to catch up.
i want to desing a game and i saw the video on your youtube channel saying python is a good language to start with
Rafeh Qazi
I will make some courses for you on how to make some basic video games using Python as well.
Casey Waggoner
Yes yes yes, Please do this, I wanted to learn how to do this as well. Why has it taken me this long to start looking for a course? I have no idea, but I'm glad I did.
Casey Waggoner
Hi all. I'm 21 years old.
1. I have always had an interest in computers.
2. I thought it was time to do something to learn more about them.
3. Also, I created a basic website with HTML (I think) in high school and loved it. Would love to do more.
hello i am 23 years old.
i want to be programmer
and Software Engineer and problem solver
Joren aerts
Heloo i am 15 years old and i really want to start programming beacous it looks like so much fun but i don't know how to start i hope you can help me well
Robert Spina
I want to change my career... I'm 50 and unemployed I hope that’s not too old to start LOL… I have some knowledge in HTML CSS but that’s as far as I go for now. Programming seems interesting to me.
My goals are to:
1. learn the basics
2. be able to create a simple program
3. Maybe get into IOT (Internet of things) ... I find that fascinating
Rafeh Qazi
Oh please! Read this if you think you are too old –

In short, no... Not too old! You'll be able to create more than basic programs by the end of this course.

Welcome to Clever Programmers.
Jason Sweetman
I agree,

Im 45, One day I played with MS Access, because it was there, I thought this is cool, and tinkered more and more, I delved into VBA and It got interesting. Now my access app is used throughout my region by upto 90 users. I Had fun, and now I want more. who knows might be the start of a new carrier.
Cody Mahaffey
If you are interested in IOT, look into blockchain tech (bitcoin, etc). Personally makes me want to understand/work with cloud technology more.
Jason Sweetman
1. Love computers
2. Expand my knowledge with something both fun and practical
3. Played with VBA but want to try something less constrained

Reason, I think its time for something new,
Top 3 Goals:
1. To make things look more easier.
2.To have fun in work I'm doing.
3. To learn something new which could help for better society with help of computers.

Reason: To have a good start to coding career with good basics.
Scott Geyman
Top 3 Goals:
1. To create cool things
2. To develop my critical thinking skills
3. To immerse myself into the future

One Reason That Made Me Join:
I like hands-on opportunities, and this seemed like a good start.
Mattias Varul
1. Learn something new.
2. To get to know what to learn next.
3. Have fun.

1. I want to move to another city to live with my girlfriend, but it seems that only good available jobs are in IT sector.
😎 same I just want to travel. Not being In a boring office.
A morning I woke up with travel app idea. But I don't know how to begin so I started to learn swift is easy but complicated not for beginners.
1. Make my my app.
2. Try to get a job.
3. Or being Self-employed...
I downloaded hack run in my iPhone. I get crazy when I go to the next level. My dad are stressed by my excited screaming.

I enjoy opening the terminal. I felt powerful
Martin Lustig
My goals: Getting the knowledge of programming and showing my daughter how to do that, trying something new, maybe changing my career (we'll see).
Your videos and your stile of teaching is what i was looking for. I haven't found this kind of course in my language - so I joined yours.
Vladimir Blagojevic
Reason i joined:
i find difficult to learn from books and classes,and your videos have seemed interesting and useful-so lets give it a shot :).
My golas:
1.I want to be a programmer to be able to change a bad job i currently have
2.I've always loved computers and everything related to them-so why not make proffesion from that
3.Have fun while doing something i love :)
Matthew Morgan
Reason I joined:
I am planning on changing my major to computer science this semester, and I want to get a jump on learning how to code.

Learn my first computing language.
Have fun!
Fall in love with my soon to be new major.
Simon Lehmann
1. have fun
2. do something new
3. be happy

I want to have a look if programming is something i want to do in the future
by the way i am a german teenager
Jon Dominic Buhay
1. I just think it would be fun.
2. I love software
3. I LOVE computers, I want to see what I can do with them.
It's free and I thought I had to start early.
christian whitley
Being able to write code just seemed cool to me.
Adam Bessisso
Same for me. :)
Adam Bessisso
I just want to learn something useful^^
Nick Nabors
I plan to learn these valuable programming languages and apply them in the real world.
Alexander Barnes
I'm currently a Year 8 student in Outwood Academy Newbold and next term we will be learning how to use Python so I'm trying to give myself a head start


Mckenna Thomas
Im currently a college student in Bellevue, WA studying Nutrition. I've always been interested in Web design/development and used to make websites using make your own website programs online as a kid, but thought coding was intimidating (still don't know wtf I'm doing), so I didn't pursue. I found your videos on youtube and it made me want to learn how to program and possibly switch my career course. I want to get into Wed Development/Design because I can tap into my creative side and share it with the world, help bring to life what people have envisioned and of course make a living doing something I enjoy.
Nick Fuller
Well I just wanted to try and learn how to program. I'm currently in high school, but in middle school, we did a little programming in our computer's class and it seemed pretty interesting to me. So I just want to learn a little more and see if this is something that I want to do in college.
patrick mich
Coding is something that I always wanted to get into. My brother and I are working on a project that requires coding, so now is the time to learn. I saw your course on YouTube and you seemed to have a lot of good info.
Arnav Yadav
Hi, i feel like coding is like an art form. there are endless ways of expressing yourself, specially as EVERYTHING is going to be running on computers now! My only goal is too be able to master one or two(is that too less?:p) languages so that i can create software that can help a HUGE number of people and be simplistic enough for everyone to understand.
i am really afraid of coding .so my goal is to learn coding still i feel its just a game man ,now i love coding.and l want to name myself as coding cat(after i feel s i have learned coding and i have done it)
i saw your video on what programming language to learn first it was really very very helpful .
Anuj Sharma
I found your youtube channel more helpfull rather than others.
Rafeh Qazi
Thank you Anuj! What would you say your goals are?
I am a 31 year-old brazilian physician and a newbie programmer as a hobby. Already know the basics in c++ and python. My main goal is get better at python and learn machine learning and AI.
Rafeh Qazi
Beautiful! We will definitely be tackling some machine learning concepts in the future as well! For now our focus is strong understanding of the fundamentals and then moving on to more practical applications using Python.
Was interested actually in creating an app for my daughter that uses sign language for communication and was looking on youtube and ran across this video and you make it look so easy compared to the other ones I saw. Seen how I could learn this for free and download software for free too to use. I hope to gain value for also doing my own website or what have you that will help me not have to go to others for advise so if I get an idea I can just do it. I currently do birthday parties, carnivals and corporate functions entertaining with face and body art as well as balloon decor. I have mainly worked in the hospitality industry not really a sit at a desk person but now I am getting older it seems easier to stay still and play on a computer. Technology seems to be running everything so I need to get involved more into the workings so thats why i am interested in programming.
i really hope it works out for you
Rafeh Qazi
That's very interesting Jamie. A sign language app! It was one of the goals of this channel to overthrow the tyranny of boredom and academic rigor. Replace it with more engaging tutorials. So you learn to enjoy it and then you start becoming proficient in computer programming faster.

Doing your own website is great and I'll actually make a course on that as well for you guys. Especially if there is more demand for it. And that's true... Technology is getting more and more involved. It's good to stay ahead of the curve by understanding technology. You are in good hands!

Welcome to Clever Programmer!
Daniel Marin
My profile picture update is currently malfunctioning, even though I signed up for an account here.
but my 3 goals for programming is to one learn the language, second perfect the language and go on to others to get to third goal, and lastly get the career path I want involving coding.(Would like to be a ethical pen-tester.) But the reason i'm mostly here is because I want to use programming to build on the world of pen-testing and possibly manufacture programs myself along with bonding with my community as well.
Jimmy J Olguin Jr.
hello, i am jimmy and i want to learn programing to help people create websites and create online games. im planning on learning code for fun and learning how to code to do things in the future easily and understand
Md Abdullah Al Maruf
Hi there!its Maruf. actually I'm fall in love with programming bt the interesting thing is I even don't know anything about programming. basically my some friends are connected with programming and they are doing very I'm very intereated about programming by seeing them.and now I have dream I wanna be a programmer and buildup my career with this sight. And.....I watch cleverprogramer video on youtube I got enthusiasm from tht about python. so I wanna go ahead..... :)
Hello, I seen your video about learning a computer language on YouTube then watched your video about learning python and here I am. my goals as to learning a language of some kind is, I have a keen interest in weather and would like to make my own website one day and use the data from NOAA and ECMWF to make my own weather charts I have no idea where to start but thought python might be a good starting block for it all, hoping to reach my goal, and would like to thank you for making the videos for me to learn at home as a new hobby. All the best, Austyn. :-)
Jason gomes
hi there, I like your true words about the language to start to be a developer. I'm talking from Brazil "hello world!" sounds familiar?!! and I hope to find the success with the python world, I know it depends on my own efforts to get there. But I think that your course can be an important start for me.
Phew! glad to be here finally. am here to soak up as much computer info as can make me suitably compliant in this ICT age
Rafeh Qazi
Phew! I'm glad you are here too. What took so long Jeremy!??

Feel free to dive in! You will soak up a lot more than just knowledge. You will soak up the awesomeness that is this community. You will learn strong python fundamentals... And you will definitely learn a LOT about computing :).

Hope you enjoy!
Pierre Martin
To build my own interactive website with all the functions and apps I need. My website is called . This means myhouse in Afrikaans the language we speak in South Africa. I have 20 plus years experience in real estate sales and want to build an interactive web-based platform where owners can sell thier advertise their property, we screen the buyers and then connect them with the sellers. Important to integrate the practical business practices with the web page. Further I want to understand apps so I can build one that integrate with the web and CRM programs.
Rafeh Qazi
I love how specific your goals are because that will allow you to achieve them much faster.

I can help you a lot with setting up your CRM correctly. I have a fully integrated CRM system with many forms of analytics as well, just for this website.

You will need to learn front end and back end development. Here is what I would suggest, Learn Python basics. This course will be essential for that. Then you will have to learn HTML/CSS (which is easy). Then you should learn the Flask framework in Python.

This will allow you to start building web apps. I would say that's a 1-3 month process if you follow this path.
Kit Sum Pang
Hello Everyone :) My name is Kitty and as of this year I have graduated from Queen's University in Belfast. I studied a degree in Music but discovered that it wasn't a field i wanted to pursue in. Feeling lost on my journey of life I stumbled upon coding and have been intrigued ever since. I had always loved computers from a young age but it never crossed my mind that it could be a career. I always doubted about my capability and in my own imaginary mind decided that i probably am not fit for coding so didn't pursue a degree in it. However now that i actually tried it out, its not so bad. Youtube videos have helped especially Clever Programmer's channel. I guess that's why i am here now :) Looking forward to learning via this website. Happy programming everyone. Peace
Rafeh Qazi
Hello Kitty 🐱! Super EXCITED to have you with us. I'm glad I had I chance to talk with you as well. Unfortunately, if I had read this earlier I wouldn't have had to ask you so many questions haha.

Being lost in life is literally one of the best possible things. I'm 22 with no degree. I had the last day at college today and I don't even know if I'm going back haha. That's literally what makes life so exciting.

Just don't give up hope ever!

Software development is definitely one of the best fields to get involved in the modern day. I also think it's great because you are gonna LOVE IT. I know because I love every single second of it. Even when I am coding for you guys in front of the camera haha!

I myself had stumbled upon coding and then never looked back since. Yeah computer programming is not difficult at all. Take it in small steps and FOCUS ON HAVING FUN along the way. That way guarantees you'll have fun and you'll also get good in no time.

We are looking forward to have you become a part of this young but growing community.

Welcome to Clever Programmer. Welcome to the family.
Charles Lungu
well come to the family kitty, we are happy to have you with us. my mentor Qazi has shown me, a way of building my skills, through coding, you will learn a lot from him, enjoy your coding.
Charles Lungu
Hi guys .... am so happy to be here, I was born creative, am studying Chartered Accounting, North West University in South Africa, the main reason why am here, I have a passion of creating my own websites and crypto-currency, I love solving financial problems though Technology. so I put together the blue prints for my websites and other programs I want to create. but the people with the skills want money that I can not afford to pay them, so I tell them lets do it 50/50. I come up with ideas and they do the coding ( programming ). I decide to learn it by myself, am Glad I have found Rafeh Qazi on Youtube. you make coding look very easy and fun. am happy to be part of the Clever Programmers Family.
Rafeh Qazi
We are glad to have you on board Charles! This is the definitely the place where you can develop your skills so you can build your ideas by yourself. Remember. Ideas are cheap... It's all about the execution. Everyone has ideas but those who have the power to act on them control their fate.

I'm excited for you and your journey. Welcome to the family.
Charles Lungu
thank are a great teacher...this is worth paying for, when am done with the free course I want to have a one on one lesson, please include bitcoin as a form of payment. am enjoying the course.
Rafeh Qazi
Wow thank you Charles. Those words mean a great deal to me. I am only happy and humbled that this course is helpful to you. You learning and becoming better is all I can ask for.
get through the introduction part to coding
trying to figure out if this is for me
Rafeh Qazi
Jacob Teramo
same here my friend same here
Rafeh Qazi
Okay well, we'll be here for you and happy to help you along. Coding is an extremely fascinating field and I hope you enjoy your journey.
one question how do you change your profile pic?
Rafeh Qazi
Go to home page
2. Click top right on your profile
3. Click edit profile
4. Change profile picture :).
Mahesh Dudhani

I want to learn scripting language for my career opportunity, at present, I don't have any idea on scripting language.
> Learning the basic scripting.
> Upgrading knowledge on testing manual to Automation.
> Learn and share the knowledge with others.

Thanks & Regards
Mahesh Dudhani

Rafeh Qazi
Python is a great scripting language. Once you pick up the strong fundamentals from completing this course. You will be well on your way for scripting!