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3. One reason that made you join the course
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This is a great way to get in touch with the community and if some of you guys have similar goals, you can get in touch together and even make study groups! I can lead the initiative on that if you are interested.

Thanks for going through all the steps. Once you complete all of these, you are ready to continue learning. Onwards!

I want to learn programming so I can have a job that I will enjoy like: Coding business(s) or Penetration Tester (White hat hacker) I joined because I was confused on how to learn python and I found your YouTube video and thought I would give it a try.
Nick Fuller
Well I just wanted to try and learn how to program. I'm currently in high school, but in middle school, we did a little programming in our computer's class and it seemed pretty interesting to me. So I just want to learn a little more and see if this is something that I want to do in college.
Brett Reschke
Dude, I WISH we had programming when I was in Middle School (2006 was a very, very different time). Cleverprogrammer definitely feels like a good place to start out and decide if you like it. Best of luck, Nick.
Brett Reschke
I've always been interested in computer science, but in the past I found myself intimidated by the vastness of the field and mistook my inexperience for inadequacy. When I chose my current Psychology major, I did so because I felt it was safe and universally applicable. What I'm now finding is that "safe" is boring. I want something engaging, and frustrating, and challenging.

As most bored people do, I found myself on Youtube with a notification that CrashCourse (love them) recently kicked off a Computer Science series, which has ultimately re-piqued my interest. Needless to say within a few clicks I found myself down deep into the rabbit hole of computersprogrammingsciencetransistorelectronsmeaninglessjargon and found myself, again, overwhelmed. Enter Cleverprogrammer. Specifically "How to Teach Yourself Code." The video hit me like a brick wall that I was going about it wrong. I found myself guilty of trying to "firehose" myself with knowledge, just as Qazi spoke about.

He mentioned starting with Python, so here I am.

I'm here to develop a baseline understanding from which I can build on; to sort of test the water to see if I enjoy it. If I find I love it, I will whole-heartedly change degrees and start a new life in the brave, relatively new world of Computer Science.

I look forward to the course, best of luck everyone.

Jonathan Basuil
Found your youtube video and saw it as a great chance to learn something new.
1. Would live to be a programmer and scripter for Lockheed
2. Make a better life for my son
3. Earn at least 90k per year
Mike Kaufmann
Great one! :)
Mike Kaufmann
Okay. First things first. I am here because I interested in Computers since my brother showed me a Music Video from 50Cent on the old Youtube(I was like 8?). I wanted to start learning programming by the age of 15 but my brother showed me first how designers think. I am now able to use Ps, Ai, Id, etc. I've started learning html, css(now sass) two years ago and here you can see some results since I've learned all these things: or

My Goals:
From now on I want to learn how to program REALLY! +++ I've started learning Js over codecademy(80% done) but I don't understand it. So I moved on and looked for other programming languages and Python & Java sounds pretty cool.

Life Goals:
1. Create something that many people really use. /
2. Create something like Nike or Asos.. an online shop that gets popular. Or something like Fb.
3. That I am very proud of myself that I have learned all these things and made it usable.
4. That my Family is proud of me (I have a big one lol).

Let's see how far I get. hehe :)
I wish everyone who is coming after me good success as well.
Abdullah Harun Al-Rasheed
My number one goal is that I have some plan about some ideas that I would like to create.

Plus I'm going to university for engineering. So I guess computer programming should help me In my career.
Chastity Lawson
make a better living for my daughter
changing careers from Accounting
have a voice disability, working as a programmer behind the scenes will be good
billy timmy
deployed and bored
may as well use this time to get smart
control all computers
Thomas Hemberg
I think the other courses are expensive and boring.
1) I would like helping other by my programming
2) I want to get a degree Btw I am a Teen
3) I want to make a android app or game
(Sorry if i spell bad i'm from Denmark)
Anthony Moreno
learn python
make an app
make more apps
I want to create my own apps and be a software engineering.
amina sharif
top 3 goals:
I like to learn python
to create cool things
because I love computer and programming and I would love to learn.
Levi Levi
1.- I'd like to digitize my idea
2.- To apply to every day use.
3.- Helping my community.

I found your video on Youtube and wanted to check your website out.

Scott Geyman
Top 3 Goals:
1. To create cool things
2. To develop my critical thinking skills
3. To immerse myself into the future

One Reason That Made Me Join:
I like hands-on opportunities, and this seemed like a good start.
Desmond Williams
Desmond Williams
1. Technology is what this world thrives on.
2. I want to contribute to video game creating
3. Create Apps.

I joined this course because since around middle school I have became a big fan of programming, and now I want to start today.
Cavendish Mwangi
i want to be able to implement the ideas i have planned out..
i want to keep up with the digital world as almost all things are operating technologically.
i want to be an inspiration to other ladies out there who would also like to do programming.

i joined this course because your methods of teaching are more lively and fun to interact pretty sure al learn alot from this platform.
Ninette Nortey
Really coo
Ninette Nortey
because I love technology and everything about computers and also from my part of the world programmers are among the smartest people. And I want to be one of the world's best programmers
Mohamed Emad Mohamed Elsayed
because i have a passion on CS
to be honest i just want to do well in this subject even though i'm crap at coding... if i know what i'm doing then i really do enjoy it ..(if that makes sense)
Thurlo Muller
I want to learn Python.
Olayiwola Toheeb Oladimeji
I want to be a great programmer in building of apps, websites and games
Cavendish Mwangi
great .i aim at learning the same too
Cavendish Mwangi
really looking forward to learning python on this platform
to be honest i have a crap teacher and i don't learn anything doing my GCSE'S in 4 i have to start somewhere... :/
dino sinnema
Want to make my own app
Ivo Ivanov
Great, that's what I am aiming for as well.
Ivo Ivanov
Hello everyone. I have recently enrolled in a HND Computing and Systems Dev course. So far I am completing my assignments, however I feel that the theories I am learning in the variety of subjects are not preparing me for what I actually want to do. Therefor I decided to start self-learning. Following the awesome guides provided I decided to start with Python as my first programming language, and then continue with learning all the rest. I am deeply interested in computing and I want to become a programmer. Goal
1. Learn programming languages and all fundamentals
2. Find which languages are most interesting for me
3. Become and expert programmer in them
what about golang?
i want to know how python cooler than java, c and c++
i want to desing a game and i saw the video on your youtube channel saying python is a good language to start with
Rafeh Qazi
I will make some courses for you on how to make some basic video games using Python as well.
Adamu Abubakar
That will be awesome
Casey Waggoner
Yes yes yes, Please do this, I wanted to learn how to do this as well. Why has it taken me this long to start looking for a course? I have no idea, but I'm glad I did.
Adamu Abubakar
Glad I am here. My goals are 1. Be a professional programmer 2. Build Awesome apps 3. Make my mark.
kathy Fenestor
I love learning and I am very independent. I want to be on the cutting edge of industry. I feel that learning computer programming is a mandatory skill to place me there. I am interested in creating websites, apps, and learning games.
John mestousis
Im here to trying and learn somthing useful in my spare time, i LOVE building computers, well, anything to do with them really! i dont know ANYTHING about coding but i am willing to learn!
ketan tiwari
i dont understand coding so i am here to learn coding in easy n fun way
John mestousis
Thats what im doing to
Kyall Mills
I would like learn to program and then teach it to my students at school.
Namaste Qazi,
Firstly, I love the way you teach and thank you so much for your valuable efforts that you make for us. Really, Coding is fun If it is taught interestingly like you do. I am learning to be a web developer. I chose Python for back-end because I found it expressive and easy to start with. Well, I am completely beginner and seeking your opinion that how should I start my journey in this field and what are the things should I do to be a demanding developer. I am a self learner I don't go to college or institutes So, I want you to be my mentor and I feel that your proper guidance will be very helpful..
Thank You.
Thank you for the course. Looking to pick up some basics in python.
kelebohile mganga
I recently enrolled for a course called Database systems and one of the prerequisites is that I should know programming especially python thus I took these lessons
Kanika Raj
I want to create value through programming and coding, to further my career in business analytics, and think this could be fun!
Craig Michael Young
i found you on your youtube channel very helpful glad to join really looking forward to learning from this program
Anuj Sharma
I found your youtube channel more helpfull rather than others.
Parrish Knowles
Yeah same here I came across your Youtube channel as well haha
Rafeh Qazi
Thank you Anuj! What would you say your goals are?
Parrish Knowles
My top 3 goal:
- Learn coding to take my Unix career to next level
- Be able to automate almost anything
- Be able to to read, write, and execute code well
I joined the course to see if it is any better than Codeacademy cause that's where my main learning has stemmed from.
My first goal is to completely automate stock trading.
2) to make a ultimate software for trading where anyone can automate their trading without knowing a single thing about coding( and make it as cheap as possible)
3) keep inventing things that will be game changing!

reasons: impressed by ur videos on YouTube
Michele Walker
Top 3 Goals For Learning Programming:

1. Career Change
2. The Power to Make Things I Want
3. Remote Work (eventually)

Joined the course because your videos are really helping me with Python. I like your teaching style and you make it fun. I've already done a few exercises on YouTube but wanted to just take the thing :)
Kileen Robinson
Hi, Michele!

I decided to join the course for the same reason. I'd rather just take it and have the supplemental materials and support than strictly follow along on youtube exclusively.

Also, I didn't list it but my goal is also to (continue to) work remotely. I currently work in customer service from home and am a freelance content writer on the side. If I fall in love with development I hope to do it on a remote basis as well.

Best of luck to you!
Kileen Robinson
Top 3 goals of why I want to learn computer programming:
1. To learn a new marketable skill
2. To expand my knowledge of app development to supplement my content writing skills
3. To challenge myself and begin learning the skills to possibly make a new career

I wanted to join the course because after finding your videos on youtube, I felt I could really learn from you. Plus, your videos are so fun and entertaining, and most importantly: not boring. I tried Codecademy's Python course first, and ended up watching your video tutorial for the first one and decided I'd much rather learn it firsthand from you on your own course. Plus, it seems like you use Python 3 and I'd rather learn it than Python 2. (We shall see.)

Thank you!
Mahdi Sabbouri
Thinking of becoming a software engineer!
A new reason to refresh the mind with innovation and to learn something new. Coding personally I feel it would be a huge necessity. An added value i must say
Adam B.
1. Computer programming is becoming pervasive and I am feeling a bit left out.
2. I took Intro to JavaScript on Khan Academy and liked it.
3. I want to learn the fundamentals and work my way through a progression to proficiency and perhaps one day mastery.

If I can turn this into a career within the coming year I would be super excited about that. However, having mastered other skills in life, I know there are very few short cuts to become truly proficient in anything, It just takes a whole lot of focus, drive, and grit. I won't quit my day job anytime soon... Here's to the journey!
Carl Albert
85 years old, still have some time left to learn something new
Adam B.
That's really cool. Hope you are sticking with it Carl!
Katie Pardee
Yay Carl! You are so cool.
Rafeh Qazi
Wow Carl!

Let's keep learning!

If you want to book a 30 minute session with me for free just to talk, we can make that happen as well!
Hello I am 606 the top reasons why I want to learn computer programming is
1. I want to develop and make my own video games
2. help others with programming and making it easier for them
3. earn money and possibly a future job for it
Jake Griz
Yo, we're going to learn to code, man. I'm semi-similar to you with your 2nd goal: you want to make learning to program easier for others, I want to program software that's easier to use and isn't confusing. I guess that's not too similar, but it's something
Jake Griz
1. I want to learn code, as code seems pretty familiar in structure to my math classes (I guess? I don't know code yet) and I want to put my math skills to actual use
2. Coding seems like a really fantastic 21st century skill that I wish to have; I'm also really good at other parts of the computer field, such as computer-aided engineering design, and I'd like to add this to my skills
3. Game and program creation has always been a dream of mine
Katie Pardee
I want to learn computer programming, because I am studying a life science field and sometimes you need a break from qualitative thinking! (And honestly, just because I am a loser who wants to spend all her free time learning whatever she can) I don't really know what my goals are yet, because I am a complete beginner, but I am excited get into it.
Isaias Josue Quintero
Hi, almost the same here. The difference is I'm in Highschool. I'm really excited about this course. I hope we can finish this. :D
Isaias Josue Quintero
Sup, my Top 3 Goals for learning code:
-Have a Basis (I want to be a software engineer).
-Make Apps so I can put that on my Resume when I'm in college (Because I want to intern at a Company to get more experience).
-Have Fun (and make some money while I have fun).

A reason that made me join the course was that It was different from ALL the other courses I've joined and quit. I really hope I can make this work.
Derek Gerken
Videos aren't showing up on any lesson page. Only the Title, the trinket, and then the discussion. Halp.
Michael Gurley
I saw the Youtube channel and decided to check out this website.
Joren aerts
Heloo i am 15 years old and i really want to start programming beacous it looks like so much fun but i don't know how to start i hope you can help me well
Lucas Miller
You can do it, I'm in the same boat
Lucas Miller
Hey, I'm a college student with no experience in programing. Very willing and excited to learn.
Hello, I seen your video about learning a computer language on YouTube then watched your video about learning python and here I am. my goals as to learning a language of some kind is, I have a keen interest in weather and would like to make my own website one day and use the data from NOAA and ECMWF to make my own weather charts I have no idea where to start but thought python might be a good starting block for it all, hoping to reach my goal, and would like to thank you for making the videos for me to learn at home as a new hobby. All the best, Austyn. :-)
Daniel Blake-Hagan
yh me two it was the reason that i wanted to start learning how to code.
Daniel Blake-Hagan
hey, guys i would love to become developer as i am currently 14 and i believe this sort of stuff is the future.
Jason gomes
hi there, I like your true words about the language to start to be a developer. I'm talking from Brazil "hello world!" sounds familiar?!! and I hope to find the success with the python world, I know it depends on my own efforts to get there. But I think that your course can be an important start for me.
way to go Jason, you will certainly achieve your goals just keep going.
I'm looking forward to taking this course with the goal of becoming the best python programmer i can become, having fun as i explore the magical world of programming and make programming as an opportunity to a brighter future.I came to learn of Cleverprogrammer after watching the Codecademy python tutorials on Youtube which were very beneficial in me soaring through the course.I can't wait to learn more from Cleverprogrammer.
Tyrese Christian Jaden Salandy
i am new programmer and have 0% experience with python . Look forward to learn this language .
jonah jo dominic
Hello Qazi Thanks For Letting Me In!
Allamsetti Narayana Sai Srinivasa Bharath
Though i am a mechanical engineer...i am interested in programming and i was completely new to it...
hey, i am very new to programming . I will be doing computer science soon and i am hoping python will get me through this. i am really afraid as comments from people about computer courses are discouraging. Hope all will be well.
Ashvin Boodhun
Hello python. Looking forward to know you through RQ :)
Alfredo Guardiola
Hello, Everyone my three goals are to use what I learn not to benefit me but, those around me.
I would love to see something I made change a small company to a large company.
Last but, not least create a job from this so I don't have to work at a factory which most people here where I live do. it's not bad job it's I don't like to be average.
Hey, Programming World!! am a very new person in here...
Like main goal aka dream is to b'come a fashion designer...but i'am really intrested in computers...and physics too ;"P
Alfredo Guardiola
cool so is my sister
Jose Vera
future business

Maria Perez
Hi All! I am completely new to programming. I want to learn something new that is relevant and has a practical application. I have a few friends who are programmers and I would love to be able to keep up in conversation and perhaps even contribute to their projects. I decided to join this course because of a YouTube video I watched from Clever Programmer that noted this program is designed for beginners.
Sami Anwar Daabas
I am new to programing so i searchet which coding language is the easiest and it was python :D
i am not good with coding concepts because i couldnot understand them so i wanna give this course a try...
i am not good with coding concepts because i couldnot understand them so i wanna give this course a try...
sasikumar semmalai
i am new to programming so python would be great choice to start my carrier in the learning stage
Kevin Pflug
That's what I'm starting with also- good lucK!
Kevin Pflug
I want to more easily be able to turn my business ideas into a reality, and computer programming will help a ton. I joined this course because I liked your entertaining teaching methods.
I was looking for some cool things I could write here, but I didn't find it :C
Anyway, I am pretty cat :3
Abdoul moussa
Mohammad Raza
Just starting my very first programming course
Mohammad Raza
Just starting my very first programming course
Atharva Mane
I am a Future Ethical Hacker and i need to learn each everything that will make a badass one
Teun Donk
I would like to be able to make apps and websites that will help me with internet marketing!
Daniel Abiagam
I want to be a good ethical hacker, be involved in IT security, i also want to impact my world through technology and programming is a skill that will come in handy to achieve my goal.
Marek Ondrejka
I want to be a millionaire.
looking forward to learning some code.

I'm 18 and from South Africa. Always had the passion for coding. Need professional help to get started.
Christina Matson
Hi, I've recently started getting interested in coding and want to take steps towards learning more about coding myself. Hopefully getting to the point of a basic understanding and practical uses. Saw Youtube videos that led me to this course and it was FREE so I thought I might as well try it. :)
Rudy Espinoza
I agree with you and same here. I saw youtube videos that led here and im looking to become a Cyber Security Specialist.
Rudy Espinoza
I want to become a programmer because I have always enjoyed learning how everything works at its core. I want to be able to end up with a job involving Cyber security. I also want to better my knowledge of computers overall and would like to be the best at what I do. The reason I joined this course was because my college recently shut down due to financial review by the DOE and I was only able to gain my CompTia A+ certification. I want to be an expert in Cyber Security and I am teaching myself to code.
I want to be a hacker
Robert Pärnpuu
1) To be good at something and enjoy it along the way
2) To maybe build a future career around it
3) I've just liked the idea of it
Mukhtar Yerima
1. help me develop an App
2. interest and fascination
3. to make a social networking site
Nebojsa Aksentijevic
1. like it
2. for money
3. like it again
Aman Shukla
3 reasons:- 1- to survive u have to do something which will give u money.... bt money is 1 of the reason not 1st priority.... 2- i m gud in it .. from school i m gud in programming i see programming as making something from tools like if,whille,for,==etc but i dont know how to improve my programming to extreme level 3- i can make small programs like calci ,love meter,some pattern etc... but i cant make a agile direction type programme like u..
Nathaniel O'Farril
I want to turn my app ideas into a reality.
Let's roll
You are very smart
Phuoc Nguyen
Cause I Love It
Peter Lagos
My Names Peter
Interested in building my knowledge on coding.
Boby Rusdyanto
Hi, my name's Boby
I've been interested about programming since I saw a lot of movies about it.
I hope that I can improve my understanding about programming so much soon,
Then I can make a lot of programs and system that will so useful for all,
I though it's kind of a simple wishes ^^
Kevin Frias
i will like to code tomakew videogames
Wilson Alberto Pereira
i really like to coding and i'm looking for the best way to learn and doing my own stuff
Nathan Yousif
Me too. I really hope Qazi will teach me all aspects of Python .
Nathan Yousif
1. Learn the basic fundamentals of coding
2. Learn python.
3.I just love making games.

I enrolled because of CleverProgrammer's videos.
Jonathan Que
Learn and understand the fundamentals in Coding.
Learn to code in python
I have ideas that can possibly make someone's life easier.

I enrolled because I saw a YouTube video.
Anka Wallis
1. learning python (obviously).
2. learn and undersatand coding in general.
3. becaues I want to be a software developer or engineer

I enrolled because I saw one of your videos and I thought I would try it out, and I want to gain experience and further my development in this area
Sunitha M
my goals is to
-learn python (because i heard its easy).
-enhance my coding skills
-develop something interesting.
yeah that's it.

I enrolled because i watched one of your videos and found it interested.
Dayana Iliyanova Boycheva
I want to learn computer programming, because I want to gain experience and develop in this area.
I want to learn how to make mobile apps and many others and one day to work on this specialty :)
Zubair Trumboo
Dude non of the above link is opening. and please connect your course links to your Facebook page.
Bryan Perez
I want to learn how to program.
i have to know a one complete programming i prefer u.......
yuvraaj singh sengar
i want to develop an app. but i don't have any idea of programming. but i hope i will develop it. qazi will help me.
the problems what you had faced now iam facing same problems to learn the code.
1.your videos are interesting
2.i want to enhance my skills
Nidhi H Prajapati
oh my god...goals or dreams..(confused)
1. i saw some videos and found this lan interesting.
2. wann create something my own with the easy and smart code.
3. i want to learn something new.
Feng Zhao
1. To be the engineer know the hardwares and softwares.
2. Can solve the projects' problem.
3. To make my own softwares
Reason for joining: Next project need to use Python.
Furqan Majeed
Three Goals:
Learning to create things out of ideas.
To get a internship in summer.
To make cool softwares

I'm joining the course to accomplish those goals. Hopefully, to completion this time.
marlon ramirez ortega
1.-quiero aprender a programar por que me gusta y quiero hacer una vida de esto.
2.-quiero aprender por que algun dia quiero ser ingeniero en sistemas y creo esto no lo aprendere en la esuela .
3.-por que de todas las formas de pasar el rato frente a una computadora aprendiendo a programar creo es lo mas entretenido
Eduardo A Molina
Three Goals:
Learning to create things out of ideas.
To get a job that makes me think.
To get a job that pays well.

I'm joining the course to accomplish those goals. Hopefully, to completion this time.
hermann kapepe
2. i.) i want to be a fully fledged data scientist and programmer
ii.) i want to be good at analytis
iii.) coding is fun and liberating
3. my friend and business partner recommended and he is one person who knows and is good at oding and i take his suggestions very seriously. hope i will learn a lot from you.
Robert Kommeter
2. Comment below and describe your top 3 goals for why you want to learn computer programming
I want to work as programmer
I realy love to create stuff
I like coding
3. One reason that made you join the course
I watched your video about the first programming language i should learn first
I have always been fascinated about learning programming for years but never got around it. Now I'm giving it a shot. My goal is to really learn and understand programming and see if I can get good enough to make this my career.
ritu uddin
i really hope all the things i wrote are grammatically correct haha
ritu uddin
I always loved computers and correlated staffs so yeah,this is why i am here XD.
I'm in college and i would like to be an engineer but i don't know exactly on what (i like computers ,but i still prefer the technological and innovation part of engineering).So....i don't know what else i can write... how are you?
Chris Gray
Hello all,
I am very interested to learn programming, you were the second video I clicked on you tube and I like your style, I think I could learn a lot from someone like you.
John Leo
Hi there, I'm John from the Philippines,
I want to learn how to code since I want to do my own website, I also have some ideas that I want to do but I know I can't go out there and pay someone to do it for me, and last I want to learn how to code because I want to make my own MMORPG.
I wanted to learn from since I do think I understand them better than what other tutorials have to offer.
Naomi Samantha Tumaeletse
I actually am fascinated about learning programming so I wanna to build a base for my passion
Sonia Santos
I have seen some of your youtube videos and it was nice to understand one or 2 things, explained in a simple way...
i am a beginner, as in a really zero knowledge on programing every single thing will be new and difficult for me... hoping that with your described simple approach to it, will make the life of people like me easier ;).

The goals:
1- it will sound absolutely idiot, but... I did university and a huge part of my life was studying... and although you don't miss it all... one thing you start kind of losing along with years of more practical work is... kind of... your brain activity and exercise... SO I keep trying to learn things by myself and youtube has been quite a teacher. But yes, first goal, exercise and challenge my brain function and abilities... Feel that it's working and getting better and faster... you know...! It sounds silly but it might make sense to some people...

2- I like to use computer as a "user" (sorry can't remember the right expression) but I don't really know that much more... and some of the things extra that i know... I ended up learning alone... but I think the second goal would be... getting to learn something new and if I can later on make some money out of it, the better. Due to personal situations... having possibly the opportunity to work from home... would be definetely a plus...

3- I have nothing to lose... I actually am hoping this get's some enthusiasm into my I am in a low phase right now... so... who knows distracting my brain might help ;)

The reason to join... well first because you must start somewhere and at least try... and, as I said above, you made it sound like you teach the abc of it all quite simple, which, as a total beginner that would be kind of the point... so that one can learn. Again you don't start running, but walking first, right? ;)

And That's about it. I hope I have fun, most of all... and that i get enthusiastic about this and not bored or not motivated to carry on... so... hey... let's give it a try... Why not?!
Munshi asif
i am a student from Bangladesh study economics.i just want to learn programming for myself.kind of fascination.hope i will learn well from you.
Chris YJ Chung
Want to get into InfoSec field, but the first step is to know how to write and read coding
David-Cristian Nandrean
I want to learn python because programming is fun and want to try out something new! I would also like to become a programmer in the future!
I want to see if I can actually learn it.
Alex Rothwell
I am a 13 year old but my age will not stop me from becoming a programmer in fact when I graduate I hope to go to Shawnee sate university and program games for a living but first I need to be able to read and write in either ruby or pithon
I am a 31 year-old brazilian physician and a newbie programmer as a hobby. Already know the basics in c++ and python. My main goal is get better at python and learn machine learning and AI.
Zcire Lance T. Delmendo
Artificial Intelligence seems pretty cool too
Rafeh Qazi
Beautiful! We will definitely be tackling some machine learning concepts in the future as well! For now our focus is strong understanding of the fundamentals and then moving on to more practical applications using Python.
Zcire Lance T. Delmendo
Reason why i want to learn computer programming:
1. I want to teach myself to write a code for video games, software, website and others stuff to do about computer programming
2. Learning how to get this skills make me want to learn more stuff about computers
3. I heard computer programming maybe related to hacking

The one thing that makes me want to take this course because i want to learn how to code and you are easy to follow or understand so i join the course to learn more stuff about computer programming
christian whitley
Being able to write code just seemed cool to me.
Adam Bessisso
Same for me. :)
and me too!!
1) I would like to improve my very few coding skills
2) I am too old to start a new brand career in coding but learning something new could be a chanche to get an opportunity to get a job.
3) I like all this kind of stuff and i am curious if I can make it.

I found you on YouTube and it seems I can do all this things studying from home in the spare time without get it's up to you now ;)
Kevin Lilleleht
1) As a music college student there's a lot of stuff that needs to be learned by dry repetition and would like to make fun apps for the students around the world to learn it by playing with it.
2) Tired of trying to find people to make my ideas digitalised and most of the times the ones willing to help don't have the skills or the ones that do want a tremendous amount of money for it.
3) Keep myself up to date with the most important language of the future and be able to make fun projects in my spare time and maybe get paid for it.

I joined because I saw your YT videos and it seemed that this could be the resource where I can really get all the simple and even dumb steps in order so I would have a solid foundation of understanding what I'm actually doing, not just copying other people who know.
Frank C Lopez
Hello, i want to see if i like programming, and change my major to computer programming; my top three goals are:
-Work from home
-love what i do
-give to society something they can remember me by, and make money at the same time.
ok and thank's you so much ?
julius mbidomti
I want to a be frontrunner in creating blockchain products from my community
I want to be able to inspire the creation of Nigeria's largest community of blockchain coders
I want to create a new income stream
Randal Carr
I want to learn computer programming because my number one reason, as an African American my ancestors were not allowed to read or write english. Now being that there is so much freedom and possibilities for anyone in this world I think it would be so cool for me to learn computer languages which a lot of people in the world are not taking advantage. My second reason for learning computer programming is that I like challenging myself on learning complex things and proving to myself that I can learn, understand and dominate computer programming. My last reason is simply because I love technology, I like being the fact of learning computer programming I will be able to create whatever I desire and lastly while I learn and have fun creating that I get paid for it as well. Thats pretty cool to me!
Kenneth Judd
I want to learn computer programming so i can take a concept and make it reality. I have experienced using other languages while completing my Bachelors in computer science. I have also become very involved in the maker movement using Arduino's and Raspberry pi's. After trying other courses I came across your channel on you tube, The explanation you gave as to what is missing from online code learning environments and how students feel because of this is spot on!!. So my frame of mind is I can finally learn the basic's and beyond while having fun doing it.
Caiden Mejia
I want to learn Computer Programming to further my future of becoming a Cyber Security expert. Some of my main goals include learning fluent python, complete this course (of course), and finishing college. I joined the course because I saw your video on youtube and I thought that this could be my opportunity to learn the basics of code.
Austin Jumba Shitsukane
I just happened to click your channel on youtube just and when I tell you I have started making major changes like listening to audible ''the 10x rule'' ,getting serious with coding before learning it from school and putting 10 times the effort required. I want to be vicious at programming. You are an inspiration.
1. I want to turn ideas into projects
2. Actually i am very interested in coding so i want to make it to my hobby
3. maybe turn knowlage into real money ;)

I searched a lot in the internet e.g with which language do i start, what do i want to do, so my research brought me here ;)
Im taking this courses for the same reasons you are and i feel enlightened to know that im not alone.

I was to explain and list my top 3 goals, As i ponder my goals i cant really pick just three because the goals i set for myself are limitless, some may seem to be unattainable but i believe you can achieve anything you set your mind to. My ultimate goal is become a billionaire, so that i can acquire the assets i need to change the world.

I chose this course because from what i seen on youtube, this course provides a good foundation to learn programming.
mohammed sheikh
I want to be able to use a computer for more than just YouTube and Gmail
I want to create a medical app
Conner Richardson
Kuldip Shilam
Just need to lay down 0 & 1, everything what is popping in my head.
Don't know where putting down 0 & 1 in right place will take me.
Need to drift with all possible ways with 0 & 1
Istvan Baranyai
I just moved to another country and changed job and i am looking for something for long term.
Programming sounds fun and i saw Qazi's videos what made the decision easier to start it.
I want to create some apps or games in my future once. :)
Daniel George
Good luck :) You got this
Daniel George
My top 3 goals:
- Travel the world while working as a digital nomad
- Create small apps
- Become a business owner that has the skills already so no need to hire programmers :)
Gloria Buckley
I was on YouTube and came across Qazi's Video's.
My Goals are: Learn a language of coding,
Create anything,
Continue until I feel confident in creating, I have a Website I want to create. :-)
muhammad iqbal zahir bin zaharudin
My goal is i wanna create my own project.
I wanna be a programmer. Because being a programmer is cool man!
The reason i join this course maybe cleverprogrammer can help me to learn code.
I was learnt programming at many source out there. But they did not helping me so much. Because i am getting boring when learning.
Patrick Fallah-Hollist
I am a self Taught Programmer, with passion for Web Development, Love Watching Basketball and like playing Table Tennis
i am a Banking professional. Just wanted to change my career to programming. So I finally found out you Mr.Qazi and just got enrolled here
Musa Ismail
Hi all, im here to start learning programming to improve my personal skill that it will help me to reach my goals latter .
what is my goals? 1. be free economically so that i dont sell my time to get paid.
2. after the economically independent , i can help others to reach their goals
Ivan Saw
Well i am just here to see how programming really looks like...and I'm interested in maybe pursuing a career in programming
Hey Guys,
My goals regarding tis course are
1.Helping the tech community to solve they daily problems by creating a specialized code
2.Python would be a stepping stone for other programming language and my dreams as a software devoloper
3.To overcome my problem to learn a coding language
Haris Siddiqui
Hey Everone,
My goal regarding this course are:
1) Get my feet wet in the world of python. I am daring to be bitten by it (python) ;)
2) Be able to create a finished product using my existing skills and python.
3) And obviously be able to get an internship or job in this apparently savage world of tech.
Kyle holbrook
I have tried udacity, coursera, i really want to be a better programmer. I am feeling so burnt out right now its not even funny.
Emmanuel Nwosu
Hope to use Python to open up my knowledge for programming.
I want to be a good programmer.
YouTube videos very entertaining.
Chris Kehoe
1) To not just learn coding but to gain a respectable understanding in the ever expanding world of computer programming.
b) To acquire the knowledge to be able to create something from something that looks like gibberish to most people.
c3) To find a career in the realm of computers, whether it be working for a company (large or small) or working for myself.

I love learning new things and from the few videos I've seen from The Clever Programmer YouTube channel, I dig your enthusiasm for teaching in a layman's terms kind of way. I've checked out a couple other online tutorials but they seem more like a "plug-and-play" type of setting versus actually explaining in detail what to use where and why instead of just the how. In the ever expanding world of technology, I suppose I'd like to get a piece of the pie.
Sonny Torres
1. Learn to work with and model data more efficiently
2. automate tedious projects
3. Make cash money!
Noe Pereira
1. I hope to work in this area in the future.
2 Proramming is fun!
3. Why not learn a new skill that can actually be useful.
Joshua Madeiros
Sounds about right! LOL
Joshua Madeiros
1. Three reasons to learn programming?
a) It looks cool!
b) Would like to make interactive software programs
c) Because I can!

2. I joined this course because it was free! I also joined after watching a YouTube video. I was very impressed with how well the videos were put together and that it was simple to follow along with compared to other videos.

Rached Bataineh
1. I would like to make a useful program in the future.
2. I know a lot of things about computer, but i haven't thought about how programs are made. So i would like to learn python.
3. Create a career
Paul Petra
1 : Ilike Coding, but my English is bad
2: Is Funny
3: Hello World
kaustubhe devang
1-you thought i am a robot
2-ok then i am robot
3-but i want to learn coding to be functional
Ansh saluja
I am 14 yrs old i want to becoem a coder i am not good in maths but i want to become a coder as i like it so much i really want to learn coding !!
patrick mich
Coding is something that I always wanted to get into. My brother and I are working on a project that requires coding, so now is the time to learn. I saw your course on YouTube and you seemed to have a lot of good info.
Wilberto Burgos
Hi Patrick, I wish you and your brother much success on your project together. I wish I could get my brother to join me on my project.
Wilberto Burgos
My top 3 goals for learning how to program are;
1- Get my first developer job as I am looking to start a new career.
2- I would like to get involved with the open source community and contribute to open source projects.
3- I would like to develop an app that would help me with my online research and tracking.

I joined this course for two reasons, first I like your videos on youtube and the way about you, and second I really like what I have read about the Python language so that's what I've decided to learn.
Omar El-Deeb
1)As a hobby
2)It may help me in the future
3)Just like that
Bhimanagouda Patil
I would love to learn to code. Went around researching and think that I have now hit the right place. I am a total beginner. This is not going to be my career but my interest.
Magnolia Biswas
Dear Rafeh Qazi,
i m studing cse. But its really very true that i have zero knowledge about programming. :(
I m here for learn:
1) python;
2) get rid of fear of coding;
3) how to manage the programming exam online. :)
Adrian Oklecinski
I've always wanted to code. I have been subscribed to CleverPogrammer for quite some time but only now decided to give this course a go.
1. I hope to work in this area in the future.
2 Proramming is fun!
3. Why not learn a new skill that can actually be useful.
jimin simon
Hi everyone, I'm happy to be here,am really interested in learning programming because I want to bost my career, increase my value and support the society through the development of App's. I chose this platform cuz I have no knowledge about it and I feel it will be the best place to start.
Adrian Oklecinski
Well then, I hope to see some apps from you in the future :)
Ayitey Frank Jeslove
Wanna lean python programming language. Have no experience in coding
Dameon Chilcott
I would like to learn a new a skill
Khalid Abdi
I'd like to venture into programming as a career
nikhil gopadi
just want to learn a new programming language
Simon Dupree
Wanna eventually create environmental simulation models based on python etc. let´s see how I get on..
Lewis Price
I need to learn more for my GCSE's, also i want to be create apps and programs for enjoyment, also i would love this to become my job
leah wanjiru muiruri
Hey Guys, I`m leah currently a student with interest and passion in python
Joshua DePesa
Josh here.

Currently pursuing my BS in Software Dev.
I've always been fascinated by computers and fell in love with Python at first sight.
I once spent 6 hours fixing a query search in a database for a project, only to find the syllabus told me how to fix it the next line down. lol
Chia Woon
i've experience with the C programming. but i found out that i'm too weak for programming and lack of interest on it. So, i decided to come here to sharpen my programming skill and i'm going to have some projects at university soon. i think it would be fun if we learn programming together!
Wahyu Nur
i'm wahyu and nice to join this course. i want to make ArcGIS toolbox using python.
Nithin KV
I would like to create useful some nice web apps. I have some experience in PHP Really excited to learn Python
Pranav Vanma
Hey guy's!
I'm really excited to start learning code. I want to develop apps and build software when i'm older.
Hi I am twenty studying at some unnecessary major at unnecessary university I want to be free everywhere I go with something necessary
Hello World... shout out from Cape Town, South Africa!! :-)

Top 3 goals why I want to learn programming
1. hmm.... programming is the future
2. Wanna be super good at programming
3. Just wanna have fun

one reason that made me join the course:
watched a couple of videos that Qazi uploaded on YouTube... I realised that he's quite good and his explanations are clear. Definitely what I need!
Hi, I'm 20 years old from the UK & a Computing & IT university student,

I want to learn computer programming to give me the skills necessary for a Software Development job (I'm bored in my retail job)
I want to have the ability to create something that is beneficial to society and share it on a widely used platform.
I want to gain knowledge of computers.
Austin Blundell
Hi everyone! I'm 16 and I really want to be software developer when I'm older. I came to this website to get better at Python.
Why do I want to learn CS?
1. I want to be able to make anything I can imagine.
2. I want a high paying job.
3. Technology is the future!
Gloria Buckley
Hello! I have no experience whatsoever but am very excited to begin learning. This is something I have always wanted to learn. I am so glad fate brought it back in form of a YouTube video. Thank You!
Tazhe delando stern
I'm 21 .. I dreamt about but a Web design an want to learn build of app I love technology even if it have me in a blind position I always push myself
Hi, I'm a teenage girl wanting to learn how to code, web design, etc. I have never done any coding before so i'm very excited.
Vad Bertalan
I have experience with the C++ language, and i hope this site will help me learn Python since I want to attend a programmer career. I know that this language is "cooler" than C or C++ and also I love challenges.
Thank you.
narlagiri raghu vamshi
thanks for ur help in learning programming
Top Goals: 1. Work with something that I actually have an interest in rather than work with something I have no interest in just because "I have to work". 2. Become a freelance programmer 3. Have fun

Reason I'm here? I got sucked in by The Clever Programmers convincing and charming youtube videos :) !
Jazz Sandher
My goal is to become a software engineer at any of the big 4.
Computer Programming is only going to expand so I want to embrace the art of programming.
I also really just like computers in general :P.
Pankaj Kumar Rout
hey... it's good to these type of program u made ....
great idea !!
Malcolm Hassan Davis
Hello, all. I am Malcolm Hassan Davis. I am hear because I am considering a change of occupation. Dew to my health condition, I am looking into getting into Programming. Being a big time science fiction guy, I have always loved computers and have been fascinated by programmers this I see this as a good time to learn! I also would like to challenge myself to learn something new, even at the age of 46. Well ,I guess that is about it, I hope for the best of all of you in your life!
Subrata dutta
I think I find my goal#programing
Aaron Kingston
My goal is to learn to code and to come back to python.
Mohammad Ashraful Haque Mollah
To understand better how coding codes modern life!
Javane Schloss
I just want to move out of the box ive created for myself, make sure im at the forefront of technology, and most of all just feed my curiosty
Ezequiel Reyes
I'm in college, I have free time and I'm interested in learning coding
I am looking forward to learning to code. Thanks
Steve McDonald
Just started and I love it.
I want to learn programming from beginner to advanced level in easy steps
Alex Koo
I want to learn
Hannah Nyarkoah Nyarko
1.I love learning new things and programming happens to be one of them
2.I believe I'd have fun with it
3.To create something useful

other goals might surface but in the meantime I need some skills in programming to complete a bioinformatics i'm presently taking. Not to say I've never thought of programming, I always have.
Hi Qazi! Here are my top 3 goals. :)
1. Pursue my long overdue dream of excelling at something.
2. Learn a new skill, and a lot of new things.
3. Find a new passion/hobby.
At least those are what I expect myself to achieve one of these days. :)

Saw the link from your Youtube video. You somehow made learning code sound way more interesting than how others promoted it. And I'm really looking forward learning from you. Thank you for posting that video. :)
Emran Hasan
Hi Qazi,
Top 3 goals:
1) Complete this python course
2) Create something new and fun with Python by myself
3) Expand my knowledge horizon

Reason to join the course: You seem genuine to help. And I need that to prove to myself that I can finished this totally new knowledge skill.
Hi Qazi,
This is Imran, a "Linux Admin" working in tech industry for the last 3-4 years. I'm planning to choose DevOps as my future career and need to go through transition to accomplish the same :)
I'm learning python to develop new things to bridge gap between DEv and Ops and automate the boring/repetitive stuff :)
1.learn python
2.make cool and interesting think's with it.
3.Have fun
I am very interested in programming so l joined the course to learn the basics of it
Randy Fournier
1. I love to learn things, programming is just next on the list.
2. A career, specifically robotics.
3. So when I want to create some idea I have, I can just do it.

I joined the the course to get some basic knowledge on python, and the instructor seems to provide a style of teaching I can relate to.
Cameron McKee
Hi! i saw your YouTube video and I'm desperate to learn a programming language, I can definately relate to your description of a learning binge, so I hope you can help me out with this course to learn python :D
Stephen Kane
1. To further my love of computers, and tinkering with everything that comes with them.
2. To get a career I actually might actually enjoy
3. To have any goal at all

It's something I have a strong interest in that i think i would enjoy as a career, or at the very least a hobby.
Nekro Rose
1. To have a better understanding of how computers function.
2. Obtain a career involving computers.
3. To create something useful for humanity.

I joined the course out of my curiosity to learn and empower myself and hopefully others.
1. learn phyton (JAVAscript and Swift)
thank you
prajwal rai
1. i am a beginner.
Mark Ygan Macawile
1. Specialize in python (not the first time learning it, but this time I wanna grasp a deep understanding of it)

2. I want to pursue a career in coding.

3. Have fun while creating something useful to me and to others.

I'm not a 'fast-learner' so this course will help me lot.

Joseph Calverley
1. Learn Python (This will be my first experience with coding.)

2. To become a part of my companies development team.

3. Further my knowledge and skills

I'm hoping to get a better understanding of what it takes to be a coder.

Jerry ANG
1. Learn phthon (SInce you are say it's the easy was to start to learn programming languages for beginner), JAVAscript and Swift.

2. Express some cool idea and make it own by myself.

3. Start to learn something new.

The founders is quite nice and smart (humanity) and I'm try to learn something new as he say python is the easy way to start to learn programming languages. =)
Kelvin Figueroa
1. learn phyton and java
2. make some cool stuff
3). enjoy the life and get to know other people
I joined the coursse because the guy who created this page has the basics xD

btw Puerto Rico in the house!!!
Neil Hester
1. learn python
2. Make a communication protocol translation app
3. further my knowledge of programming

I joined the course to learn Python but i need the focus and attention that this course appears to offer plus the basic basics ;)
[email protected]
cool levels
Trey Gideon
1. learn python
2. program micro controllers
3. build a prototype

I was amazed with what my daughter learned in a robotics class.
zier mensch
zier mensch
1 learn the basics of coding
2 expand my knowledge
3 have some fun
Bergomy Legendre
My Goals

1. To fill my infatuation with problem solving
2. Having another creative outlet to express my ideas
3. Using what I've learned from coding to help other people and of course to earn money
Oluwatobi Olowo
Its my pleasure to be here! The main reason is to develop my thinking skills, 2. Visualize problem and problem solving skill and 3. To be able to create new apps
Ravindhiran G
1. To get a job and earn more
2. For critical thinking to build my own company
3. To make me more technical guy
Nick Lidong'a
1. Look at problems from a different view point
2. To develops structured and creative thinking
3. Create my own websites and apps
Nusrad Ally
well said
Nusrad Ally
My Goals :

I love coding but unfofrtunately i dnt know anything.
I would realy like to create some cool apps.
Also coding will help me in my daily work task.
bashayer hijji
my top 3 goals are :
1- build lots of awesome cool app.
2- expand my knowledge base.
3- have fun and meet interesting people.

opara zero
lets do this
Tony Chacon
1. Updated my Gravatar profile pic. Let's see how long it takes.

2. I want to make amazing video games, I want to work with AI and Machine Learning using Python, I want my every day life to be filled with exciting intellectual challenges that make a positive impact in people's lives while getting paid well for it.

3. "Make learning play" had such a profoundly positive on my outlook, that I became excited to see what else I could learn from Refeh Qazi.
Joshua Mhlanga
1. coding its something that is good and i wont mind if it becomes my permanent Job
2. I am in Africa and they are a lot of problems which i might solve by learning how to code
3. i wanna chance Africa to be a nice place improve the tech industry
Aishwarya Chandrakant Gaonkar
1. Coding in which i can think of new creative things.(like gaming and app developing)
2. Job with pretty good salary and in a creative environment.
3. Travelling my all time gaol.
Christopher J Bessette
1. Learn to code as a potential career
2. Use my knowledge of code for personal video game projects
3. Have fun
3 goals
1. I really want to learn coding
2. Play with coding
3. Do the complicated projects with ease
3 goals
1. I really want to learn coding
2. Play with coding
3. Do the complicated projects with ease
avi sharma
1. learn to code and stick with it
2. create something (apps and things like that)
3. alternate way to make some cash in the future.
Jeremiah Stager
1. Learn the principles of coding so that I can a) impress my wife, b) learn to bring my 3d models and landscapes to life
2. Successfully complete what I am starting
3. Be able to better collaborate with others in my specialty (3d modeling in Archaeology).
abdullah habsa
my goals
1. understand coding well
2. problem solving
3.have a new career shift
# My top 3 goals are:

1. I am interested in innovations and challenges, and lots of them here for me.
2.The Internet and its capabilities have always attracted me, so I want to become a programmer, that I could be part of the digital world.
3. I want to create a game with my idea. (My old wish...)

Charlene Dadd
I want to learn programming because it's another way to think and solve problems.
As an artist and lover of math, I'd like to see what I can create with code.
It's intimidating and I want to take on the challenge.

I joined this course because it sounds like an engaging method of learning Python for beginners. I'm hoping to come out of this course more confident in my ability to continue learning programming.

María Luz Molina
Same here, Charlene!
María Luz Molina
My top 3 goals are:
- Learning a bit more about coding
- I'm starting it as a hobby but I expect I could really turn it into my main job cause...
- Moneeeey

p.d. My ideal goal would be to be able to create my own videogame!! Long way to go!

Mostapha Bazzaoui
-going to japan
-studying in japanese technology university #mechanical engineering
-working at nissan company #i love the company :)
P.s= my 4th goal :wants to learn python and ,c , java ,ruby,and swift language
there is everything in the courses from platforms to chat tables
william odom
My top 3 goals are:
1) Learn to build apps
2) Get a better Job
3) Be my own boss
1. I want to turn ideas into projects
2. Actually i am very interested in coding so i want to make it to my hobby
3. maybe turn knowlage into real money ;)

I searched a lot in the internet e.g with which language do i start, what do i want to do, so my research brought me here ;)
1. I want to turn ideas into projects
2. Actually i am very interested in coding so i want to make it to my hobby
3. maybe turn knowlage into real money ;)

I searched a lot in the internet e.g with which language do i start, what do i want to do, so my research brought me here ;)
1. I want to turn ideas into projects
2. Actually i am very interested in coding so i want to make it to my hobby
3. maybe turn knowlage into real money ;)

I searched a lot in the internet e.g with which language do i start, what do i want to do, so my research brought me here ;)
1. I want to turn ideas into projects
2. Actually i am very interested in coding so i want to make it to my hobby
3. maybe turn knowlage into real money ;)

I searched a lot in the internet e.g with which language do i start, what do i want to do, so my research brought me here ;)
1. I want to turn ideas into projects
2. Actually i am very interested in coding so i want to make it to my hobby
3. maybe turn knowlage into real money ;)

I searched a lot in the internet e.g with which language do i start, what do i want to do, so my research brought me here ;)
1. I want to turn ideas into projects
2. Actually i am very interested in coding so i want to make it to my hobby
3. maybe turn knowlage into real money ;)

I searched a lot in the internet e.g with which language do i start, what do i want to do, so my research brought me here ;)
1. I want to turn ideas into projects
2. Actually i am very interested in coding so i want to make it to my hobby
3. maybe turn knowlage into real money ;)

I searched a lot in the internet e.g with which language do i start, what do i want to do, so my research brought me here ;)
Isaac Medina
My Top 3 Goals on why I want to learn programming:
1. To get a better paying job.
2. Create online income streams.
3. Freedom to be my own boss or work from anywhere in the world.
Wajahat rashid
1.i want to learn how to become a programmer eventually, im currently learning quality assurance but I like the create things rather than just testing the functionality
Roberto Catalán
1- I think now a days and in the future coding is as important as a second language
2- Create cool stuff
3- I want to learn more about AI
Phew! glad to be here finally. am here to soak up as much computer info as can make me suitably compliant in this ICT age
Kayla `Coetzee
Rafeh Qazi
Phew! I'm glad you are here too. What took so long Jeremy!??

Feel free to dive in! You will soak up a lot more than just knowledge. You will soak up the awesomeness that is this community. You will learn strong python fundamentals... And you will definitely learn a LOT about computing :).

Hope you enjoy!
Kayla `Coetzee
1. Study software development & Gaming Development.
2. I'm a real Gaming Geek (I might not look like one)
3. I REALLY want to develop my own game.

The channel looked fun and understandable!
Charles Lungu
Hi guys .... am so happy to be here, I was born creative, am studying Chartered Accounting, North West University in South Africa, the main reason why am here, I have a passion of creating my own websites and crypto-currency, I love solving financial problems though Technology. so I put together the blue prints for my websites and other programs I want to create. but the people with the skills want money that I can not afford to pay them, so I tell them lets do it 50/50. I come up with ideas and they do the coding ( programming ). I decide to learn it by myself, am Glad I have found Rafeh Qazi on Youtube. you make coding look very easy and fun. am happy to be part of the Clever Programmers Family.
Rafeh Qazi
We are glad to have you on board Charles! This is the definitely the place where you can develop your skills so you can build your ideas by yourself. Remember. Ideas are cheap... It's all about the execution. Everyone has ideas but those who have the power to act on them control their fate.

I'm excited for you and your journey. Welcome to the family.
Charles Lungu
thank are a great teacher...this is worth paying for, when am done with the free course I want to have a one on one lesson, please include bitcoin as a form of payment. am enjoying the course.
Carolen Letavec
Thank you for the comment that make me feel better that I am in the right place to learn code!
Rafeh Qazi
Wow thank you Charles. Those words mean a great deal to me. I am only happy and humbled that this course is helpful to you. You learning and becoming better is all I can ask for.
Carolen Letavec
Goal 1. Understand what the heck they are talking about when discussing coding.
Goal 2. To write code to help my staff get a workable query to extract information they need.
Goal 3. Have FUN!
Carolen Letavec
Hello :)
I am looking to learn code to help with some job related issues.
tashi sherpa
1. to have fun and learn how to make softwares
2. i think its really cool
3. i love technology
Darnell Draughter
1. Become a computer scientist.
2.Learn to code.
3.Create an app.
4. Work for a company and start making money.
Raiyan Samin
1. become a software engineer
2.Learn to code in games and make them
3.have fun

joined because i want to get an early start so i can understand more about python
paul wilkins
1. Career
2. Create an app
3. Change the world

Joined this course to understand and learn more about python and what this language offers
Vismay Patil
Want to be best at programing but still stuck on basics.
Very passionate about programming despite of continues failure.

I have hopes on you man please don't disappoint.
Alexandr Resetneac
1) I have many ideas, but I can not realize them.
2) Im enjoying a programming a lot.
3) Its really cool, powerful and satisfying.

The reason is because its free and it looks very good to learn here. I am very curious what I can learn here.
Alphonso Smith
Goals -
1. Learn s/w development in a structured way with learning targets in mind
2. Challenge myself to learn something new to expand my professional expertise (e.g. coding) after being a process manager for about 10 years
3. Have fun and being excited about leaning something new everyday

I joined this course as Python is probably one of the basic and easiest languages to learn and would help kick start my software knowledge from here.
Vladimir Blagojevic
Reason i joined:
i find difficult to learn from books and classes,and your videos have seemed interesting and useful-so lets give it a shot :).
My golas:
1.I want to be a programmer to be able to change a bad job i currently have
2.I've always loved computers and everything related to them-so why not make proffesion from that
3.Have fun while doing something i love :)
Mohammad Khawar
so do i, i've taken c, c++, java and HLA in college and i still don't know a lot about coding.
Mohammad Khawar
my top 3 goals for why i want to learn computer programming:
1. i always find programming fascinating.
2. i like working with computers.
3. i want to build random stuff on my own.
Jon Dominic Buhay
1. I just think it would be fun.
2. I love software
3. I LOVE computers, I want to see what I can do with them.
It's free and I thought I had to start early.
Aatif Ahmed
You seem enthusiastic and driven, sure you'll make some baller code.
Aatif Ahmed
Interested in learning what's possible from coding/computing, coding knowledge can help in my career field, and #3 just want to make cool stuff like apps, games, etc. and be able to say, "I made that." .... Joining because I heard this is a great resource for complete beginners to use, and Rafeh seems very helpful in the 9 minutes I've been on this website!
Was interested actually in creating an app for my daughter that uses sign language for communication and was looking on youtube and ran across this video and you make it look so easy compared to the other ones I saw. Seen how I could learn this for free and download software for free too to use. I hope to gain value for also doing my own website or what have you that will help me not have to go to others for advise so if I get an idea I can just do it. I currently do birthday parties, carnivals and corporate functions entertaining with face and body art as well as balloon decor. I have mainly worked in the hospitality industry not really a sit at a desk person but now I am getting older it seems easier to stay still and play on a computer. Technology seems to be running everything so I need to get involved more into the workings so thats why i am interested in programming.
Joshua Morgan
What a great reason to learn coding Jamie. I hope you make that app for your daughter.
i really hope it works out for you
Rafeh Qazi
That's very interesting Jamie. A sign language app! It was one of the goals of this channel to overthrow the tyranny of boredom and academic rigor. Replace it with more engaging tutorials. So you learn to enjoy it and then you start becoming proficient in computer programming faster.

Doing your own website is great and I'll actually make a course on that as well for you guys. Especially if there is more demand for it. And that's true... Technology is getting more and more involved. It's good to stay ahead of the curve by understanding technology. You are in good hands!

Welcome to Clever Programmer!
Joshua Morgan
My 3 goals for coding would be to learn, get a job and sell a piece of software that I wrote. The reason I joined the course was in the simplistic way you teach. Through other teachers, I found them to move to quickly through the material and they never related them to real world scenarios which helps a lot.
Arnav Yadav
Hi, i feel like coding is like an art form. there are endless ways of expressing yourself, specially as EVERYTHING is going to be running on computers now! My only goal is too be able to master one or two(is that too less?:p) languages so that i can create software that can help a HUGE number of people and be simplistic enough for everyone to understand.
Mwajuma Mwanaïdi
i kinda have the same goal as you and i want to make it a carrier, good luck though
Mwajuma Mwanaïdi
i want to become a software engineer and i like sports so im kind of a sporty nerd🤓
john deng
I have been having an epiphany that the career field I was headed in does not give me the skills required to be competitive in the 21st century labour market. I believe coding will give me the extra edge needed to give myself a leg up in the job market and an exiting career in a creative field.
Arno Bouwer
I have always been so interested in programming. amazing it must be to be able to do this. I have family who programs and I am so eager to learn. Once I saw this site I was hooked. Cant wait to start. Thank you for the opportunity.

Alicia Givan
I am super excited to start learning computer programming. I am currently a LPN and I am transitioning into the IT world. I am looking to learning and mastering operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Unix,etc. And of course I want to learn Python as well.
Audrey Boucher
I'm currently in maternity leave and i'd like a fun project to better myself, i thought coding would be quite kickass. I.m an hr and we never have any budget to buy any tool in my company so maybe i can create some myself. My top 3 goals would be; becoming a creator rather than just a user, get better employment opportunities and make extra income. I don't know anything about coding (yet!) but i know i can do it and i'm excited to get started.
mohamed gmal
i don't even know what is coding mean
but it seems funny and exciting , and i have a free time to spend in learning something new , and i hope it will be useful
Pierre Martin
To build my own interactive website with all the functions and apps I need. My website is called . This means myhouse in Afrikaans the language we speak in South Africa. I have 20 plus years experience in real estate sales and want to build an interactive web-based platform where owners can sell thier advertise their property, we screen the buyers and then connect them with the sellers. Important to integrate the practical business practices with the web page. Further I want to understand apps so I can build one that integrate with the web and CRM programs.
Yuheng Song
Go for it, bro!
Zangaro Zangaroo
Go Pierre! You can do it!
Rafeh Qazi
I love how specific your goals are because that will allow you to achieve them much faster.

I can help you a lot with setting up your CRM correctly. I have a fully integrated CRM system with many forms of analytics as well, just for this website.

You will need to learn front end and back end development. Here is what I would suggest, Learn Python basics. This course will be essential for that. Then you will have to learn HTML/CSS (which is easy). Then you should learn the Flask framework in Python.

This will allow you to start building web apps. I would say that's a 1-3 month process if you follow this path.
Yuheng Song
I'm a student of English and Spanish literature currently living in China. Well, I always like languages, and it occurs to me that nowadays CS is the new literacy. It's just a basic skill like reading and writing in a world constantly being reshaped by technologies. Therefore, I don't feel like lagging behind. But I just don't know where to start. Thanks to Qazi here. I know that learning Python is probably the best way to begin this journey of self-perfection.
Zangaro Zangaroo
I'm testing this program out!
Mohamed Taher
Just curious
Bryan Bradley
Bryan Bradley
1. Build and create things
2. Be someone different in my group of friends
3. Try something new
Braulio Gonzlez
1. change my career path
2. challenge myself mentally
3. make web applications
Nikolaj Kystol Knudsen
1. Want's to build app and develop things
2. It's fun and hard
3. Passion.
anss elalem
1.sounds fun and challenging
2.find somethng to love and do my best at it
3.its the future
1. Learn Coding as it seems challenging and intersting
2.Implement inoovative ideas with the knowledge of coding
3. Passion to learn it
András Takaró
1. Want to learn Phyton fun way
2. Want to recieve some money finally
3. Create apps and programs
1.Familiarise with coding and apply it to implement innovative ideas.
2.Create a program which to solve the world most hidden technological problem.
3.implement the most famous and leading program used by billion people.
1. I want to create something awesome
2.To be finally good at something
3. To be doing something that excites me

I'm an electronics engineering undergrad although we focus primarily on the theory and application of electronic components, we also focus on embedded programming. I want to be versatile in my field. I want to become a better version of myself.
Judd Karn
1. How To Create An App
2. Learn Python
3. Learn C++
ender zengen
same here
Being a pursuant of Diploma in Information Technology, computing programming cannot be left out of the equation for me. Python, being not taught in school, has to be learnt through myself. Hence, this is why I joined this course.
My goals would be to be fluent in this language, have a deeper understanding of programming languages as a whole through learning Python, and to learn other more advanced stuff in the future.
Maylalaine Dayanan
1. I have always wanted to learn coding.
2. I would like to be able to create an app.
3. I would like to become an expert in 1 or 2 programming languages.
Maylalaine Dayanan
1. I have always wanted to learn coding.
2. I would like to be able to create an app.
3. I would like to become an expert in 1 or 2 programming languages.
Sebastian Furnigel
1. I worked in HR/Management and I'm done with working with people;
2. Android Modding/Tweaking is one of my hobbies;
3. Since I like working with technology so much, I should do something about it and get a job that I will actually (might) like - it's not even about the money - it's about the long needed job satisfaction;
(4.) Even though I was reluctant on youtube tutorials, your videos on python actually made sense and became interactive and fun.
Abiola Ajayi
1. programming and coding is one thing i have always love to do
2. Doing this so as to bring solution to problems around me
3. so as to help me be my own boss and quit my penniless job, and to understand how so things work on computers and why they do so

Abiola Ajayi
Brian Jobe
I wanted to learn how to use this language for 1 but to later use it to apply for other languages that i might find an interest in.
I have delved slightly into C++ so I think that the beginning stuff would be easy for me to complete as to of seeing that all languages share similar traits to one another.
I am hoping to use the new found knowledge to become a video game programmer. I was thinking that, at first being a one man team and doing all the work. If it's successful then I'll start hiring people to help with story telling and beta testing.

Well I hope that helped you guys to get to know me better and best of luck to you all.
Nick Nabors
I plan to learn these valuable programming languages and apply them in the real world.
Michael Daniels
Michael Daniels
1. Career
2. Create an app
3. Change the world

Joined this course to understand and learn more about python and what this language offers
Inayat Tailor
Hello, I want to learn building websites and software.
-One of the best reason i have is, i have got at least 3-4 hours of day where i do nothing and i want to utilize with learning new skills which can help me in many different ways
-I'm looking forward to make my own websites and software
-I want to earn money with working from anywhere
Ryan Hessler
Hey guys, I'm looking to learn Python for a lot of reasons, mainly....
- I already know HTML/CSS/JavaScript pretty well, so i'm looking for another language to add to my skill set
- Python is often used to make games, which is something i've always wanted to do
- Python is GREAT at automating tasks, which would be very helpful
Will Jones
I love games too and it's something I also want to learn!
Will Jones
My three goals are:

1) To acquire the necessary skills to get a programming career and make myself un-fireable
2) Have fun building cool applications
3) Move out of mom's house; I'm a recent college grad
Patrick Perez
Hello to all. I am excited to learn.
1. career change ( sooner than later )
2. earn a bigger salary ( can always use the extra money )
3. to become one of the best ( my ultimate goal, but I'll work hard and be patient )
Thomas Sawyer
Hi just saw your video on you tube video and thought i would look around and learn something new.
sabrina bou
Hey !
So am trying to learn programming because :
1.A career change .
2.It sounds fun.
3.someone once said I could not do it so I want to master it and prove them wrong .
mirza jahedul afzal
Hi Qazi this mirza, i saw your video on YouTube and that was great for beginner who wants to learn CODE ,am one of the beginner for the coding i hope this would great for me to learn from you
sabrina bou
Hey ! it's the same for me , I saw a vid on youtube and it looked fun and accessible so I joined :)
stijn Zwanenburg
bring ideas into a program, especially for the fun of it
AnTony Nguyen
1. Have fun
2. Have fun
3. Have fun
raviraj saxena
i've been a looser all my life, just giving another try, maybe it works, or else i'll try something else.
Hania Arif
no one is a looser they just have a different experience... and the more experience you get the more perfect you become. and it is really helpful that you don't just try for a try, you try for really showing for the world that you can do it.
raviraj saxena
i kind of abandoned it too, but i'm back after getting an email of your respond on my comment, That kind of inspired me, thanks. This time, i hope i'll concentrate on this.
Paul Sherwood Basongit
As a newbie and maybe a good programmer soon, I want to learn programming, because:
1. I want to apply programmable network in our company and at home as I work as a Jr. Network Admin.
2. I want to learn and experience how python works in every environment.
3. Create my own system.

Thanks! All the best!
saud asiri
Hi. My name is saud. I'm from saudi arabia.
Tenzin Songmo
Tenzin Songmo
The reason I joined this course because I heard coding is fun.
Tenzin Songmo
Tenzin songmo 10th grade
I wan to learn computer programing
1) I am trying new things because right now i am 10th grade and i am trying to figure out if computer science is my thing.
2) It is fun to learn new stuff especially if it is free.
3) Want to try out this fun.
Naufal A J
I am very interested in tech. I have started doing online courses many times, but I ended up leaving every course I joined. It's happening to me for last 4 years. I recently watched Qazi's video on youtube, he seemed to understand all the problems faced by beginners and I thought this would be my destination.
I just want to be really good at programming, not for money, just for making cool stuff which may help somebody at the end. Also, I want to learn something valuable instead of wasting my time.
My goal: It,s very simple.. be better than I was yesterday
Kevin O. Cruz Ojeda
1-Create my own video game
2-rafeh looks very convincing
3- i LOVE codes
4- more knowledge
Diego Mendez
Voy a ti pa jajaja
Diego Mendez
A friend recommended me to check out Rafeh Qazi website. My goals:

1. Create an app related to fitness
2. Help people
3. Express all my ideas through coding
Chip Dennis
I want a better future for myself and my family. I got interested in this field because of my dad he has has raised us on technology. I enjoy learning new skills to test my integrity.
Zachary Plotkin
I have always wanted to become a computer programmer since I was 9 years old. I recently learned HTML and excited to start Python. after this course I will start learning Swift! Better get to it...
Max Litja
Hello. i want to learn coding because i would like to have it around my future jobs. i also just want to create different kinds of things and i want to have fun doing it
Kawish Javed
i got a new dope laptop for my 17th birthday and i wanna make good use of it so im learning to code. tbh i have no idea! of where im entering i dint even take coumputers as a subject in my school (i sudied biology insted) . but i always had an intrest in the coumputer programming coding world and making apps and all of that and i thought it was really cool but never showed effort to acctually learn it myslef cuz i thought i will never need it. but then i saw a vid on youtube where a teen girl learnt html and made a website and because of that site he earned millions of dollars and is a slef made teen million air. so i thought to myslef like yoo i should try this stuff too! and i belive that if a person just does anything without wasting anytime is always sucessfull. i belive in JUST DO IT! so here i am now! :) also follow me instagram @thetheoryv12
aleury martinez
hello every one Im an 19 years old guy I came to the united states like 7 years ago and I learned english by my self during my free time at home my goals are to became in a computer programmer because I want to have the ability to create things and also to control technology
Jonas Hansen
I want to see if i'm able to learn coding. I find it exstremely hard to but very fun. Wish me luck:)
I want to get started in computer programming because I think it will benefit my (very basic) html/xml/css knowledge, which I#m currently studying for my publishing degree :) came here from youtube, looking forward to having fun over here!
Sauvens Fleurinord
I am a 16 years old senior, I skipped 3 grades due to my intelligence. I came in the Us in 2014, I learned English by myself.
I am actually interested in computer engineering.
I will go to college for 10 years and learn everything I can about technology
I am gonna create a robot by myself. i am gonna create the hardware and the software
Dovydas Čiplys
I came here with big ambitions. I want to be better person than yesterday, and better than today. I hope, what this course will help me start making money, and my future will be better as I think. I believe in code!
my name is JAmes i have passion for anything call ICT..ALL MY DREAM IS TO KNOW ALL ASPECT OF ICT...i know i have a long way to go...i just completed my html, css & javaScript..... now wanna go for python
Hania Arif
way to go... these languages HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT are such beautiful languages and it's a really good feeling when you change a line of code and your whole website just transforms into something new and more beautiful. hope you learn more and more languages...
tnks Hania Arif
Hania Arif
I am becoming a software engineer. currently 3rd semester and till now i have solved many windows issues with my friends laptops... i want to get more and more expert in computer programming and different programming languages. currently i have learnt HTML and C++ and want to learn more and more. Coding is fun and i really like the thing when i really want to code something, i am stuck at a point, i just carry on to do it crazily and at last, have it done. And I really really want to learn.
Tom Penning
Im Tom and i joined this course because i want to learn how to code something.
Bharat kumar
I m Bharat and I just want to learn something new so I join this course.
Daniel Russo
Learning something new is always a great way to keep up with technology. I hope you accomplish your goals through this experience.
Daniel Russo
I am in the IT field. I enjoy routing and switching I have always wanted to learn how to create something useful. Coding will allow me to do this.
Alexander Barnes
I'm currently a Year 8 student in Outwood Academy Newbold and next term we will be learning how to use Python so I'm trying to give myself a head start


Tristan Lee
Nice. Programming is the future good luck!
Tristan Lee
I've wanted to become a programmer all my life, and I now know that i want to program games for PC's. Lastly, I want to start now while I'm still not in college so that I can get a head-start in programming.

The reason I decided to join this course is because I saw some of his Youtube videos and they were a lot more effective than the other websites, and he explained everything perfectly, unlike how websites get you stuck and you just skip those parts, only to have trouble later. He is so right!
Saksham Sharma
1. Learning something new.
2. Understanding how are those famous apps created.
3. Understanding What's behind a computer.

Thank you.

That's all due to Qazi sir you inspired me through YouTube to join this course.
Saksham Sharma
1. Learning something new.
2. Understanding how are those famous apps created.
3. Understanding What's behind a computer.

Thank you.

That's all due to Qazi sir you inspired me through YouTube to join this course.
Saksham Sharma
1. Learning something new.
2. Understanding how are those famous apps created.
3. Understanding What's behind a computer.

Thank you.
Ivan Buglosa
Hi! My name is Ivan and I'm currently studying here in the Philippines as a information systems student. I want to learn more about programming in different programming languages. Awhile ago, I was just browsing youtube for some educational videos about programming when I saw Clever programmer's youtube channel(videos). I thought he was boring but as I was watching his videos, I can say he's a good teacher. I want to improve my programming skills, have a decent job in the future in the field of IT and meet other IT people are my 3 goals why I enrolled here. Thanks! :)
Tom Lynch
Hey Ivan. It sounds like we have we have some of the same ideas. I live in the U.S. but was born in the Philippines. My dad was in the Navy at the time. I am also interested in learning various languages. I've picked out what I say is my top 6 or 7. And Like you I ran across "Clever Programmer" on YouTube. I really like his style. I wish you the best for taking on this challenge. Have a great day!
newsha peymani
my three goals are
1. getting a 4.0 GPA
2.Starting college next semester at Kennesaw state university
3. learning more in debth about lots of computer programming languages
i want to learn programming because it'll help me prepare for my college courses.
the reason why i joined the course is because i have to do a project in my AP computer science class that requires me to make a program of my choice which includes different types of functions and methods and a program that is difficult to access without computing tools.
DJ Hugz
Excited to start!
still ateen want to know it all about programming
ricardo arteaga
start my journey
learn how to code from beginning
have better understanding and obtain entry level job.
Shaun Urbina
1. I want to learn the intricate details in communicating with computers.
2. I am intrigued on how technology operates.
3. I am interested in learning how to interact with computers on a more complex level.

The reason I joined this course:

I have seen multiple YouTube videos and I am impress on how passionate and enthusiastic Qazi is when explaining the methods of coding.
Bogdan Iurie
1.My dream was to do some games (but i don't think i can make it that far)
2.I want to improve myself
3.Just for fun
Jary Kroon
Lessons one (self fulfilling prophecy): A man who thinks he can and a man who thinks he can't are both right. If you dont think you will make it, you won't. If you dont set a goal, you won't reach anything.
Jary Kroon
Dear all,

My goals are:
1. At the university I will learn Python to do just let it be useful for engineering. I would like to do more with it.
2. I would like to build some applications.
3. I would like to learn more about the fundamentals of computer systems and apps.

Cheers, Jary
instagram: @fladrjary
Usman Shahid

Really eager to learn to program so that I can quit my 9-5 job and work as a freelancer. Tried various courses for over a year, but a point comes where it all becomes really boring and makes you quit. Heard about Qazi and saw a couple of videos on Youtube. So, pumped up again to learn, hopefully, this time it works out.

Usman Shahid
Yuchong Luan
1) Ever since i got a computers i wanted to learn program
2)Interested in programming somehow
3)Try out new stuff
Andrew John Ihnot
That's really cool!
Andrew John Ihnot
1) I've always wanted to code
2) I want to better understand my system
3) I want to learn a new language so to speak
Itsvan Jaramillo
1) Ever since i got a computers i wanted to program
2)I want programming to be my future job
3)I is very fun programming
Tom Lynch
1) Ever since I first worked on a computer I've always wanted to program.
2) I want to automate tasks and make work easier.
3) I want to create games, if nothing else for me. I have a universe of ideas but not the skill.

Reason I joined this course - I took the OOP course and really enjoyed it and like the teacher!
Julius Sha
1.To fulfil my Dads dream of me becoming a software engineer.
2.To create a really good game that everyone will enjoy.
3.To have fun.
Jay maurya start a new language. develop something crazy. have a fun..
Colt M Peteson
My Name is Colt! :) Honestly I have very little experience in coding I don't quite understand anything at all but. I really love being creative and problem solving and coming up with new ways to solve life problems or other peoples problems. I don't have a goal, I'm here to have fun! I want to express my creativity in many different ways :) And I've decided to take on the challenge of coding! :D Wish me luck! :)
ibrahim heritch
Hey everyone! My name is Ibrahim and I'm gonna graduate from school this year. I'll study computer science in uni. I'm here to get a head start, :)
Daniel Cader
Hey! I'm Daniel and I'm studying Computer Science and Programming in Japan >.Having all the lessons in Japanese is not as hard as it sounds but it can get boring and tedious so I'm hoping I can learn a little bit more over here :)

1. Learn Python and play with a Rasphberry pi
2. Enjoy programming a bit more
3. Profit (" ,)
Micah James
Hi guys I'm Micah i am 16 years old
My top 3 goals why i want to study computer programming is because
1. I want to make my own Website, apps and games
2. I want to become a Programmer and software Engineer
3. I want to make good amount of money
Ivan Buglosa
Good thing money is your last goal! I think having fun while learning programming is the best way on how to improve your IT skills. Good day! :)
Kit Sum Pang
Hello Everyone :) My name is Kitty and as of this year I have graduated from Queen's University in Belfast. I studied a degree in Music but discovered that it wasn't a field i wanted to pursue in. Feeling lost on my journey of life I stumbled upon coding and have been intrigued ever since. I had always loved computers from a young age but it never crossed my mind that it could be a career. I always doubted about my capability and in my own imaginary mind decided that i probably am not fit for coding so didn't pursue a degree in it. However now that i actually tried it out, its not so bad. Youtube videos have helped especially Clever Programmer's channel. I guess that's why i am here now :) Looking forward to learning via this website. Happy programming everyone. Peace
Edgaras Mikulėnas
I can relate to the fact that I did not like what I studied in University. More like I did not see it as my future career :)
Rafeh Qazi
Hello Kitty 🐱! Super EXCITED to have you with us. I'm glad I had I chance to talk with you as well. Unfortunately, if I had read this earlier I wouldn't have had to ask you so many questions haha.

Being lost in life is literally one of the best possible things. I'm 22 with no degree. I had the last day at college today and I don't even know if I'm going back haha. That's literally what makes life so exciting.

Just don't give up hope ever!

Software development is definitely one of the best fields to get involved in the modern day. I also think it's great because you are gonna LOVE IT. I know because I love every single second of it. Even when I am coding for you guys in front of the camera haha!

I myself had stumbled upon coding and then never looked back since. Yeah computer programming is not difficult at all. Take it in small steps and FOCUS ON HAVING FUN along the way. That way guarantees you'll have fun and you'll also get good in no time.

We are looking forward to have you become a part of this young but growing community.

Welcome to Clever Programmer. Welcome to the family.
Charles Lungu
well come to the family kitty, we are happy to have you with us. my mentor Qazi has shown me, a way of building my skills, through coding, you will learn a lot from him, enjoy your coding.
Edgaras Mikulėnas
Hello, my top three goals for why I want to learn programming:
1. I want to learn how apps, programs and such things work;
2. I want to learn if I would enjoy this kind of activity;
3. I would like to make some money from activity like this.
The reason that made me joins this course is perhaps the video I saw on YouTube and also the fact that I was searching more info about how to start programming :)
1. Try something out of my comfort zone.
2. Utilise my spare time more productively
3. pending...
Daniel Powell
1. Fun
2. Development
3. Profit!
Barry keenam
1 try something new and widen my knowledge
2 I really want to createapps
3 I was hoping it would be fun
Juhenwils Talumantak
1. learn something new
2. create a app or web
3. fun!
Kiley Campbell
1 To have fun
2 Help to see if I want to go in a field with coding
3 Something new to learn
Henry Lam
Henry Lam
1. create apps
2. learn new skills
3. get a job

1. Build software
2. have fun
3.learn new skills
Kiley Campbell
Isheanesu Chikuvanyanga
123 wanna learn how to code
Brennon Lent
1. i want to learn about computers and coding more
2. I would like to have a career in this
3. getting ready for college
alsong dunstan
I am taking this course to add python o my list of programming languages

1.Want to apply security on my apps AI using python
3.Learn more
Milos Krstic
1.I want to learn programming.
2.invent something new, useful or fun.
3.And have a good and successful career.
Darryl Jackson
1. Create something useful
2. Make good money
3. Stay afloat, coding is going to be the new labor workforce. I want to be apart of it

your youtube video made me join the course. i love the way you explain things

Robert Schmidt
1. learning a new programming language
2. interest in programming
3.learning python for the use with the Raspberry Pi
smiley face
learn new language
apply it to my cv
improve my knowledge
Darian Smith
Learn coding
Apply it to security
Make myself marketable
Khan sameer
1. Its cool 😂😊
And i am interested 😌
venkata krishna see how python work what way it is going to help me in future
3.passion about coding
Moses chandramouli T
nice to meet some ambitious person like you
Moses chandramouli T
Actually i'm interested in learning JAVA. But, python is easy compared to other languages as you said in the video. So, i'm learning this first. After that i will learn JAVA
So excited....this is my first time learning programming!!
1, learning coding.
2, to understand how it works.
3, to learn how to create applications and websites.
Warren Guiden
Excited to start!!!
Johannes Dekko
Luciano Thomes
That's the spirit!!
Johannes Dekko
My goals:

01 Build Software
02 Coding seems fun!
03 Build websites
Tatiana Cheah
1. Have the fundamentals of code down
2. Expand my knowledge
3. Learn how to use what I know

and i stumble upon this through youtube and really like the attention to the learner's needs so I thought I give it a go.
Keith Ivey
Hello everyone!

-Communicate more effectively with computers
-Building websites
-Creating applications

Started learning C++ and understand python will be a better alternative for now.
Daniel Marin
My profile picture update is currently malfunctioning, even though I signed up for an account here.
but my 3 goals for programming is to one learn the language, second perfect the language and go on to others to get to third goal, and lastly get the career path I want involving coding.(Would like to be a ethical pen-tester.) But the reason i'm mostly here is because I want to use programming to build on the world of pen-testing and possibly manufacture programs myself along with bonding with my community as well.
Brendan Seo
Hey, that's cool! I have the same views as you and I'm beginning the course , too! Nice to meet you!
Brendan Seo
My top three goals are:
-to learn my very first program language
-gain more knowledge
-share the knowledge

I wanted to join this course because of me browsing through youtube, and seeing 'Clever Programmer'. Thought he was cool, so i thought. 'hey, why not?'
Dang Quoc Hung
1/ Programming websites
2/ Programming robots
3/ Learning a very 1st programming language
Alex Pham
Want to explore code
Want to use python in my everyday life
Create a game
Luciano Thomes
1-I want to work as a game creator and this seems like a valuable skill
2-Just for the fun of learning something new
3-Phyton looks like a good place to start

I joined this course because Qazi looks convincing
Kevin O. Cruz Ojeda
Trey keith McCutcheon
1.i already know html coding language but I want to learn more
2.i want to create games for computers first goal create a 2d game with code
4.ultimate goal is to use coding to help me make a 3d game
wes shelpman
1. i want to be able to learn my first coding language so i can feel confident in make my first video game.
2. i think if i can learn a code language there is room to learn other in my future.
3. The biggies reason im hear is i heard people can make make realy good pancakes here and i'm always sold by pancakes
Ghiur Ciprian
Hello everyone!
- Learn a new skill
- possibly break into a new career
- have a little more understanding of computers
Bhavesh sadanand chari
eager to learn
want to explore
will to like to create an iron man suit
Sai Win Naing Lin
Lets learn coding...
sandeep kumar
Hello everyone, Hope you all are doing great!!!!!
inty inty
good lets start it
Anand Padole
want to learn!!!!!!!
Nick Schoonbeek
1: I want to build and program a robot
2: I want to build a website
3: Maybe make an app

This course seemed the best for learning Python, so that's why I chose it.
Usaphea En
-possibly develop something on my own
-learn something new
Raj Mishra
3 goals right
- be knowlable coader
-Creat application of my own
Use it for betterment of our society
Kagna Richard Koffi
hope i learn something very useful here.
Markkus Pokrovski
- it`s a great tool to do something creative
- want to explore if this is the field I want to be in
- Good career prospect
Bogdan Stamenic
Hi, I'm in my senior year of high school and I'd like to:
-get into coding (and eventually start using other languages)
-sign up for university with some knowledge about programming
-develop some projects of my own
Tune Envelop
- Become a better problem solver.
- develop my own projects.
- Learn how to think through problems and become more persistent.
i want to Develop my own apps,
i want to be rich,
i want to be learn something new!
Linsey M Falkner
Shelender Singh
Thanks for this Course
Jeff Schneider
I want to become a freelance coder.
I want to figure out how to how to upload a profile picture.
Learning to code today is like learning to read in the 1700's. Many many advantages in life for those who are literate. I see nothing but blue skies.
Iftekharul Mahdi
1) it`s a great tool to do something creative
2) want to explore if this is the field I want to be in
3) Good career prospect
Curtis Gatmaitan
1) I want to teach myself something new
2) Make myself more marketable as a Data Analyst
3) Create an app
Sarfraz Nawaz
1. Want to have a feel of what programming is like.
2. Want to see whether I have the element in me to learn this
3. If I can sustain my interest and down the line influence my little one to learn this.
Hugo Hafner
1.) Want to be able to create
2.) freedom of program control
3.) a potential career in computer programming in future
Amira Scorpion
1. to learn how to code
2. to create things!
3. to possibly follow a career in computer programming

one reason that made me join the course: i found the youtube channel and it was so unbelievably easy to follow and understand, so i took the next step and joined the course.
T Sai Vipraj
hello everyone
Brook Jeynes
1. Learn a new language
2. Expand knowledge of computers
3. It seemed awesome
Pooja kumari singh
I want to learn programming and I want to be a programmer,want to contribute for open source project,and want to begin develop apps with my own.And the most important thing that I want to learn this interesting thing(programming) in cool and fun way and this is the reason for why I join this course....!!!
Rabi Rana
for three reason why i want to learn programming and that is i want to be a progrramar, i want to be a programmar and i want to be a programmar sincerely.. thanks
swati jalan
1. learn a new language
2. to make an app
3. add it to my resume
Jesse Hill
1. Broaden my knowledge.
2. Understand computers more.
3. Add an employable skill to my repertoire.

Having gone through some other online courses for learning Linux basics your video on YouTube talking about why you decided to make your own learning course really resonated with me and I decided to sign up as learning Python is something I wanted to attempt for a while now.
Jerry Ciccotti
I've always enjoyed anything to do with computers from a very young age, and would like to learn how to program something, like a video game or any other kind of application and i feel like python would be a good language to start with
Jose Gonzales
I have always been interested in programming, I'm glade I seen your videos on you tube.
Now I can enjoy and have fun learning.
Mandee Miller
I joined this course to expand myself. I want to learn a new skill while being creative. I love technology and I'm very thankful for this site, so that I can learn as much as possible!
William Thomas
I joined the course so i could learn a programming language and begin developing some apps and websites on my own. I have long forgotten the information since college and would love to be able to have fun in my free time learning this.
Kiran Choudhari
I want to learn programming language cause I am so interested in learning programming languages. I like tech and all things related with it. I have a dream to make an AI one day. Just want to fulfil my dream. Got to try right!! If I fail ... maybe there is something I could come up with to make human life better!! So many things to learn.
Oladotun Joseph ojebode
The three reasons why i want to learn programming is because 1.) Have always wanted to know a programming language i can use effectively. 2.) Am concentrating my career field on cyber/information/network security and python seems to be a very essential tool. 3.) Am thinking of doing a PhD research on SDN security and its a must i have programming knowledge and this is the main reason i have to find time and dedicate myself to learning python and what prompted me to join the course.
Shantel Nubia
That's Awesome Oladotun. Great to see my brothers with great long term vision. All the
Oladotun Joseph ojebode
Thanks Bro
Shantel Nubia
Rafeh was very relatable and a great communicator of coding on YouTube. Felt ya Fun Energy
Shantel Nubia
I want to learn programming so I can launch my own online business. I also want to learn so that I can reach NYC Youth coding skills to up there resume. Learning Never Ends
I am a barber currently taking intro to html at local college.

Making use of down time when barber shop is slow.
Just wanna make use of my brain learn and maybe help people
I don't even know what python is I found you on youtube and you made it seem like its fun
I got gi bill benefit from the va wondering if I can use that here?
David Cortes
Want to get back into computers.
Looking for the work I love
Want to build apps for farming
I would like to learn Python because I've heard that it's a good program to start a new coding experience with.
Toqeer Akhtar
lets get started
Simon Neirynck
hell yeah
Simon Neirynck
Reason why I'm learning Python:

- I would love to understand some languages and actually know how to use them to do cool stuff.
- Would love to learn something like Java/C/C++
- I just overall like everything bout programming
Nidhi Panchal
Hey, u already have my name up...i m from India....Coding ..The most amazing Thing....studying computer science.. walking through creating great stuff with this skills and fulfilling dream and landing a job in which i would like to spend time from my life in..
Abdulaziz Al Ahmad
Well then, I work as a network technician and it's fun by the way! but I thought that it will be cool if I learned coding so I started to learn a few of some programming language so I have started with linux bash and now I'm willing to learn Python and I hope that this is the right place to start :) .
Paul Connelly
Hi Abdulaziz AL Ahmad, Where are you based? I a in Algeria :)
Abdulaziz Al Ahmad
I live now in sweden, but orginally I'm from syria ;)
Paul Connelly
Learning Python as a hobby, And as an introduction into OOB.
get through the introduction part to coding
trying to figure out if this is for me
Václav Kokotek
Yeah! Are you reding my mind? :O :D
Rafeh Qazi
Okay well, we'll be here for you and happy to help you along. Coding is an extremely fascinating field and I hope you enjoy your journey.
one question how do you change your profile pic?
Rafeh Qazi
Go to home page
2. Click top right on your profile
3. Click edit profile
4. Change profile picture :).
Amir Hossein Asghari
Where is change profile picture ?
I cant see :(
André du Rietz
Same over here!
Rafeh Qazi
Jacob Teramo
same here my friend same here
Václav Kokotek
Hi :)
Ok should I Start? :D
I've always been the guy who is like "into computers" so programming was always a dream way to go.
I think the main reason why I want to start programming is that I just love computers and the world around them, if you know what I mean :D
The third reason is maybe not that good, but many people keep saying that you need to be very good at maths and you have to thing in a really difficult logic way. So I'd like to show them, it's not true :D :P
I've always wanted to work with computers. Otherwise I would really like to do something with music, but again...with computers (like Dj or something). But the most attractive job for me would be a programmer, hopefully a game programmer or something like that. I was also wondering about graphics or a designer, but that's the second option...That's why I joined the course, I'd really like to learn programming so I can fullfill my dreams.
Shubham Saurav
Programming is fun! I love to write code.
JiaWei Xu
1. Understanding basic of programming
2. Understanding the different languages
3. Develop software using different languages
dallin aiono
1 I want to start creating apps
2 create websites
3 hopefully find a career
luis torres
start a new career, new life
tired of the same routine in life
want to create anything that would wow people

Victor Estrada
1. Get a head start on my career
2. Become a Software Engineer
3. Create apps/games
spencer davis
have fun
learn python
eventualy create a website
spencer davis
have fun
learn python
eventualy create a website
brian reaume
See if programming is for me. So I can work from a house boat someday
André du Rietz
1. Have fun.
2. Make my life easier with automated systems.
3. Start a new life.
Cacique James
Curious about coding.
Hope to love it.
Have a Job with it.
Talha Arshad
kamiel jense
1. software engineer
2. game devopment
1.become software engineer
2.find job
3. develop games
Brett Reppert
1.Become a software engineer
2. Find an entry level job within a year or so
3. Create a game for my kids
1. to do quantitative finance
2. create an algo trading system
3. make profit
Célestin Benoit Bassène
1. learn coding
2. love computers
3. have fun
1-Learn Coding
2-University Preparation
3-Securing a good job !
1. Learn coding
2. Expand my knowledge
3. Build apps

Amaning Opoku Prince
Hi iove codig i want to be a data scientist that is my main reason for . And it also opens my mind.
My interes reignited when i watched Rafeh's video on youtube. And i hope to learn a lot from this website .
Bharath Reddy Bora
Hai ,
I am so fascinated about coding ...this is all becusz of Rafeh videos ..and i had a great interest in coding from my childhood but iam not proper stream to this is the great place where I can make my dreams possible...
Hi :)

I am somewhat new to coding, but for some reason it is exciting to me.
I am looking forward to learning, and also making it fun.
Siphesihle Percivierance Mthethwa
Krešimir Divić
Hello :)

My top 3 goals are:
1) to learn something new and fun
2) to develop an app that will help others
3) and maybe one day to become a pro in coding

I watched you on Youtube, so I decided to join here :)
Jennifer Eis
1) My prof. recommended that I expose myself to Python before I begin his course in the fall.
2) I enjoy getting ahead, and would like to have fun with programming before I get swamped with college course work.
3) So I can eventually branch out and learn other languages (java, R, SQL, etc.) which will be necessary in my future field of employment.

I joined this course after watching your YouTube videos.
saja busaleh
# to better myself
# learn to code
# and to be a good programmer

i joined here to do something meaningful . this is better then wasting my time
in high school without any benefits
1.learn a new programming language
2.for knowledge
3.code efficiently
ahmed gehad
goal num 1 : learn python
goal num 2 : learn coding with it
goal num 3 : make an app or a programme
I just like computers
I want to learn programming as my second skull
John Angell
1. New skill to learn.
2. Hopefully i could get a good job out of this.
3. I just love computers.

I joined this course because I had a hard time understanding the other online courses and I need good instructions to be able to understand anything. I saw your video on youtube and i thought this will help me to understand it better.
the same ..
Misty Morillo
me too!
Double NB
New to coding looking to make codes
Christian Joy Alayon
same here :-)
Daniel Miller
dude, same
Christian Joy Alayon
1. Learn coding
2. Expand my knowledge
3. Build apps

I happen to watch couple of your youtube videos, and you are able to answer some of my questions.
Daniel Miller
I start my first year of studying software engineering in a month, so want to learn the basics beforehand.
Nuzair IB
1.i Love Programming
2.I want to expand my knowledge
3.Programming make me more creative
Luciano Sousa Barros
More then glad to become a new member here!
Oscar Komenda
I'm new to coding but i know a bit of html and javascript, before not long ago, I thought coding would be long, but this language seems to be most powerful and has unlimited creativity
Misty Morillo
Top 3 Goals:
1. I want to learn computer coding
2. Trying something new, expanding my knowledge & keeping up with today's society that revolves around technology.
3. Hoping to find a job that is computer coding related.
Pratiek Mehta
1. Learn coding
2. Become professional
3. Make money

Pritpal Chhabra
1. I want to learn python
2.I want to make a website using python
3. I want to get a job in a start up company.
Ramanpreet Singh
I came here as I found your YouTube channel some days back.
1. Want to learn programming so that I can become ethical/ white hat hacker.
2. I can get a job
3. I can code
Roberto Chavez
1. Learn a programming language
2. Expand my technology knowledge
3. Start some freelancing work
Pedro Rodrigues
Interested in learning how to code.
Teach my kids that you can achieve anything if you put enough effort in
maybe get a second stream of income
Christian Leanza
My Top 3 goals:
- To understand the basics of programming
- Code efficiently
- Hoping to get a job related to coding
Leon Kirby
Looking to learn code trying python to find out if it's for me
Hadi Irwein
I would like to make my own apps in future.
1)Spend my time on something useful(still in middle school)
2)Hoping to get a job related to coding
3)Make a game
*Stumbled upon your videos on Youtube and found it interesting
(I somehow read a story about a hacker and it was cool)
Modasir Khajazada
Well, i like pc's i have built my own pc and know a thing or two about hardware, but i also want to go in to the software side, and make a living of it. It's also looks fun to solve problems and feel accomplishment.
Kevin Ezebuiro
Interested in IT, Im using this course as a way to figure if I want to take the programming route or networking
Neha Shinde
interested in learning python to build apps & be creative .
gavin bowen
i would like to build apps i am learning python to get better at programming
zach soliman
- i want to learn how to build apps
- code efficiently
- and make things which didnt exist before
I am a Mathematics Honors student. i am learning python because i have no knowledge in programming and i like IT. Python is a great way to learn programming. My goal is to make android developer and to learn java.
Amir Alsyafiq
I am a high school student who will be proceeding my degree in university for software engineering. I would really like to learn advance from anyone else. My goal is to create apps that would benefits the people.
Jimmy Vree
I am a megatronic engineer and want to add some skill to create machines and robotics all on my own.
Thalia Aguilera
I want to learn computer programming because love technology, I want to be a programmer in the future, and so i can fix minor computer problems. I saw your video!
Kashif Rasool
Today , The world is moving so fast in the field of technology .
Programming isn't my field but still have l lot interest in the field of Technology .
Ratan Nampalle
I find programming very interesting and fun.
Today Being a programmer is like you are running the world. Everything around us is all technology..
I found your vdos on YouTube quote helpful.
John Angell
Victor Varasteh
1. Just because
2. Don't like Java
3. Learn new skills ;)
Ratan Nampalle
Rebecca Clark
My Top 3 goals:
- to understand the basics of programming
- to be part of the future.Future proofing myself.
-to be an example for my children with my career change.
Prajwal Rai
Came here cus it seems lit
Goal is to drop top my own rain drop
Nicolas Blank
1. It is passion for me.
2. It makes fun.
3. It is the future of thinking.
Sabrina Levina
I joined after I saw your youtube channel. The 3 reasons why I want to learn programming
1. I'm interested in taking Software Engineering major
2. To understand the basics of programming
3. To turn my interest in computer into something more
that's cool
1) I want to learn more about programming, I want to be a programmer or a penetration tester.
2) I want to be able to help others programme
3) To put my skills to good use.

Reason why I joined this course, is because I want to learn more about coding and to create an app or be a penetration tester.
Simarjot Singh
1- I love programming
2- Programming is my life
3- As a student of computer engineering i want to learn every programming language to enhance my skill-set and to achieve best outcome in my field by developing apps, websites and all other programmable stuff.
ketal sutahr
I am ketal suthar form india. actually i am studying B.a but i have interested in I.T can i build career in IT industy.
1.I am found of learning new things
2. Programming is really interesting
3. Various programmers inspire me
Ismail Peerbocus
1. I want to make websites and android apps to make money
2. I need money
3. I want money

reason for starting this course is to make money
Toby Gibb
1. I am a tech and it will be useful
2.something new is a unique skill to have

reason for starting this course: there seems to be more interaction in this course
Simon Lehmann
1. have fun
2. do something new
3. be happy

I want to have a look if programming is something i want to do in the future
by the way i am a german teenager
Charlene Dadd
Welcome! I hope you find all of these things. :)
kaasam harish kumar
the reason i joined this course is due to embedded electronics like raspberry pi etc .i was interested in
robotics and programming ..... when i started working on raspberry pi i felt quit difficult to program it by my own ..every time i copy code and past and run but i want to run my own program so to do that i need to learn python and other programs ..this was the main reason ... thank u
Saad Ahmad Khan

1- To learn python language fro network scripting (Automation)
2- Freelancer
3- Explore the Software define Networking.
Rajesh Patel
1. want to change my career
2. I want to enter in programming and learn programming.
3. I want to achieve personal satisfaction of acheiving something and make diffrence in my life and my family's life.
1. I want to be able to have some knowledge on computer programming.
2. I want to be able to learn a marketable skill.
3. I want to be able to be marketable for internships.
Telmo Marques
I really wanna be a guru programmer...
Mike Vamvasakis
1. i may update my profile picture later.
2. -have programming knowledge before college.
-start a "core" project so that i could improve it through years and make it popular.
-being able to financially support my self through programming only.
3. You seem reliable so i think i made a good start.
4. i am first so...
5. Probably when i stuck somewhere.

Al right lets move on.
Sanjeev Bajaj
Just to learn new skills and this is my first language in computers . Want to Explore more after this.
Juan Jaime Castellanos
1. I love computers so i want to learn more about them.
2. I have some great ideas I want to bring to life.
3. Teach myself a new life skill.

The reason i joined this course was to get my foot in the programming door and help me get started on my new career.
1. To create things.
2. To learn a valuable skill.
3. To add to my lifestyle.

I joined the course because I am a self learner and Rafeh seems to be one of those guys that is ahead of me, so I can learn from him how I can move forward.
Luis Sierra
I want to start as a developer with this programm
Jestine Raju
I want a learn a new language ....
Max Schuster
Hello :)
My reason for joining the course is that Rafeh seems like a really nice guy
1. I was always interested in computers and how they work
2. I really liked writing code in HTML and CSS and I think that python ist a great programming language
3. This somehow brings me more joy than most things in life haha
tajwayne murray
Good morning i would love to learn programming.
Raik Dombrowski
my reasons:
1. I am very interrestet in programming
2. I want do programm my self
3. and i maybe want to make my own apps
shaik mohammed nisaar
hey there whats up!
I am ready to learn the essence of Python
Ilteris Kagan Muratdag

1.Learn the basics of programming so that I have somewhere to start.
2. Get a job programming.
3. Develop my first app.
Vamshi G
HI All,

1. My interest in Programming is what made me join here.
2. I have an interest in making my career in the field of Data Science
3. Passion to learn new skills and keep up to date with the latest technology trends
no donates :P
Manu Maracuja
Hey there!
zakarya abdulbary
Jeffrey Zoslov
I want to learn how to program but I didn't know where to start. I found your YouTube channel and thought i'd take a chance.
1. To learn skills that will help me in a new career
2. Potential advancement in the growing field of technology
3. Learning Python sounds achievable and fun!
jeff muchina
I really like how you have simplified the processes.

Reasons to learn code;
1. I would like to learn a new skill.
2.I constantly come up with new concepts and Ideas that need programming skills.
3. I want to relate with my developers better.
Ibrahim Abdi
Thank God i clicked on that youtube video. Its like you were describing me on that video. Udacity, Coursera, freecodecamp, I was just all over the place.
Reasons why i would like to learn code, well
1. I have an interest in CS, though i don't like the way it is taught in school.
2. I believe code is the future, in whatever field, you just have to know how to program a computer.
3. I want to be able to talk to the machine, I feel computers would understand me better.
Dejan Simeunovic
I saw your routube channel and here I am. I programming industrial PLC-s but now I want to learn something more fun. Anyway, I am total beginner in this.
1. I want to learn new things.
2. I want new job opportunities.
3. Coding is fun.
Alex Kenley
Hi Team,
I came from the Youtube channel, it looks like a really interactive and hands on mini project type course which really interested me. There are so many of the same old courses that go through each thing bit by bit the same way and it's just boring as hell. I stay focused and learn when I can actually implement things and see a real result. Looking forward to going through the course. My 3 reasons to learn programming are:
1. I'm a Systems Administrator already and can script in BASH and Powershell but now I want to go further and be able to write applications.
2. I have a technical and creative mind so programming will allow me to challenge both of those together.
3. I already make good $$$ but having some solid programming skills will make me even more valuable especially in the Military ICT world that I work in.
Thank You for this Rafeh, See you guys around!
Hiten Dhruve
I would like to learn coding/programming which can actually help me,
1) Improve my career as QA - Automation Lead.
2) In testing mobile apps built on different platform.
3) Understand basics of programming and write code by my own.
Rajashree Gogoi
3 goals why i want to learn programming-
1. Electronics engineering and coding go hand in hand.
2.To build apps
3. Most importantly, I was and I still am fascinated by people who code.
Preston Jose
1. I saw your What Programming Language Should you learn first video on YouTube. (It convinced me to join here)
2. I started programming with C++ and Java.
3. I have desire to learn Python
Jonathan Pena
1. I love all technology, therefore I want to learn how to create code to run our technology.
2. Since i love computers, I'd really like to go into computer science and programming as a profession.
3. I have an idea that I really need to get out to the world, and I need to learn to program to do so.
Kyle Smith
It is a great thing for people to spread their ideas. I hope you are successful.
i was always amazed by computer software . i think this is a think that might i m looking for. so im so serious to be a computer programmer. i finished my a & o level og study. butbecause my less number i didn't able to get my dream sub cse. so i think that way don't i take a course from youtube . because programming is a open source anyone can do it with his own interest. after so many unwanted website finally i found clever progammer . i think it was the best to start . after all i will have a friend like rafee.. who just like a big brother who will make everything easy for me not like a tripical teacher..
Kyle Smith
1. It is something new to me
2. It looks fun and interesting
3. It is a potential money maker
I joined because I wanted to utilize my skill in math and engineering
Al Swaby
I'm liking this site already. I've been trying to learn Python for the longest. Some videos out there can't keep my attention for more than five minutes.
Jonathan Pena
Exactly how I feel Al! The way this course is set up really sucks you into learning, which is great!
Ronaldo Chavez
Hello everybody
1. ideas for degree
2. fun to sit behind computer for hours
Ashraf duffy
I am looking to learn programming in order to get a job.My knowledge is outdated due to raising my children.
I hope this website help me to get some programming skills
Anze Cimzar
Hello to all of you, thank you for this opportunity
1. to know better science behind computer software
2. work/money to sit behind computer for hours

Best Regards
Premanshu Pareek
I want to learn computer programming because:
1) I have many ideas that can help others, if turned into a reality. I believe that with programming I have the power to create.
2) I feel the need for the things that don't exist yet. So, if anyone is going to create them, that would be me.
3) i want to be known as the creator of world's first strong Artificial Intelligence.

I hope that this place will provide me a great start, so that I never feel the need to stop in future.
Seyma Sean
Well, I'm a mechanical engineering student, first year to be exact and my top 3 goals: designing the game, i also want to be a programmer, and programming is COOL! I saw your video on youtube and your explanation was really clear and easy to catch up.
Rafeh Qazi
Mechanical engineering sounds tough! Programming is definitely cool and those were definitely not 3 goals haha. Let me know if you are still in the course as I see you posted about 1 month ago.
Jamie Fore
What kind of game are you working on? :D
Jamie Fore
1. I'm switching majors to Information Technology, with a concentration in programming, because...
2. I'm interested in the possibilities programming will allow my creativity to be expressed.
3. Eventually, I hope that my knowledge will let me develop an indie game.

I love the videos Clever Programmer puts out; it's what made me decide on Python as my first language.
Rafeh Qazi
Great goals. My favorite part about coding is how it allows me to express my specific ideas and turn them into reality. It's like art in a way. Welcome to the Clever Programmer family.
Yamil Mohamed p
Jay W.about 5 hours ago Reply
1) i would like to become a software developer
2)This could possibly turn into a skill I could use at a job
3. I watched your video on which computer language I should learn first and I though you were the perfect person to teach me.
Ihab Osman
1. I have joined a club that teaches the basics of python in my old school, and I really enjoyed it, although I couldn't finish. So, I decided to continue my journey here!
2. I watched your video on which computer language I should learn first and I though you were the perfect person to teach me.
3. I want to become a software developer (and I want to begin developing my first app when I begin Grade 9).
Bobby Crowley
1) I'm a freshman in college going into the computer science major
2)It seems like a useful tool to learn
3)It looks very interesting
Jay W.
1) i would like to become a software developer
2)This could possibly turn into a skill I could use at a job
3)Seems like it could be something fun to do
Shikhar Sharma
1. My new job will start after a month and i'm completely free, so thought of learning something new.
2. Always wanted to learn programming but career took some different turns.
3. Maybe this can help me in securing a better future job.
Xi Liu
1) like the the quick rewarding nature of programming.
2) enjoy the analytical problem solving process - break down a problem into small parts, and solve the main problem by solving each sub-part.
3) considering a data scientist position
1) i am talentless and want to find a hobby
2) i wanna be a software developer
3) looks like fun
shahrukh sheikh
I wanted to be a data scientist that is way i have to learn python.
Mohammed Haris
Hello All

1. Am working as Test Engineer
2. Change my job profile to Developer
3. Want to start from scratch
4. I have tried this many time with different other learning Website but I end up is Discontinuing for some or the other reason . I hope that itshould not be the same case here
5. Wish me all the best guys
Nico Lutzke
Hey all,

1) I want to write a program after this course
2)i want to work with coding when im out of school and college
3) I wantr to have fun

I watched a YouTube video and... here i am :D
Angelique Johnson
Angelique Johnson
Hello everyone!
1. it looks like fun. best friend is doing it.
3.i want to try something new.
and I found out about this on youtube so now I'm here.
Adam Bessisso
I just want to learn something useful^^
Nico Lutzke
good luck :)
we live in the Tech era, i believe that it is a must for each individual to master at least one language in order to contribute. Ive always been into tech and Im keen to master pyhton language. FINALLY, thanks to everyone who started this website
André Quarrie
I completely agree with you. If we all had and understanding, even if it is not a mastery, of a programming language we would be a better society with alot of critical thinkers.
André Quarrie
Hi all,

I am interested in learning coding because I want to see the world in a whole new language. I want to be able to have true sense of appreciation for all the various programs/softwares that I have been using. My goals are as followed:

1) Web Designing
2) Application Development
3) Learn Scripting

I am only stopping at 3 but there is so much more that I want to accomplish.

Thank you for providing this opportunity to myself and all the other persons who have already enrolled and those who will enrol in the future.


Hi all,
I would love to pick up programming skill as I m keen to develop and design apps to make things work more conveniently and smartly.
1) Design apps
2) Self-challenge to pick up new skillset
3) Start a new career in apps development if possible.

Saw your youtube video and got me excited. You totally nailed it on how I feel about picking up programming on my own. In fact, I have always restart my course, again and again, feeling that I have not understood anything even when I can clear all the stages/modules. I sure hope your teaching method will be the one for me. Thanks in advance!
Mahesh Dudhani

I want to learn scripting language for my career opportunity, at present, I don't have any idea on scripting language.
> Learning the basic scripting.
> Upgrading knowledge on testing manual to Automation.
> Learn and share the knowledge with others.

Thanks & Regards
Mahesh Dudhani

Gary Anthony Wilson

Seems like we have similar goals.

Good luck.


Rafeh Qazi
Python is a great scripting language. Once you pick up the strong fundamentals from completing this course. You will be well on your way for scripting!
Gary Anthony Wilson
My top three goals are:
1. Develop software package for special accounting functions
2. Attain proficiency in a core programming language
3. Complement my knowledge in Manufacturing Cost Accounting by creating software packages for medium size companies.

I like the teaching style so I joined.

Eimear Galligan
1. Understand programming
2. Getting a head start on coding
3. Start a career in software development.

I joined this course to get a head start of understanding programming. I'm starting a course in September in computer science and I cant wait.
Juan Ladron
Hah! Same here on the Fall enrollment!! Kudos and best of luck on this journey!
Juan Ladron
Thanks for creating such an incredible and interactive website!!

My top 3 goals are:

1. To learn code is to learn a universal language; I want to be able to speak to everyone across all platforms
2. To CREATE gadgets and other things with a raspberry pi soon
3. To help TEACH the world and usher in the new age!
Romario Coley
1. Learn something new because learning is my passion.
2. Start a career in software development.
3. Getting ahead in coding.
Mattias Varul
1. Learn something new.
2. To get to know what to learn next.
3. Have fun.

1. I want to move to another city to live with my girlfriend, but it seems that only good available jobs are in IT sector.
jen oneill
Learning something new to live with your girlfriend....Mattias that is very romantic of you. BRAVO!
😎 same I just want to travel. Not being In a boring office.
jen oneill
1) Challenge myself to learn something I know ZERO shit about!
2) Programming and technology is our future
3) Have time on my hands being overseas.....why not educate myself!

Your youtube video got me here....soo lol im here! funny and personable video btw
Akbar Raheem
I'm a beginner in Programming and for me it is logical and creative...
1. Learn Python basics and master them
2. I want to create something productive for people
3. Learning is my passion, and I want program summit!!
Found this course on youtube.. great videos!

Emmanuel Antoh
I am a GIS Specialist and I work with volumes of spatial data to compose maps and other visualisations. The future of my industry is interactive web mapping and web dashboard/data analytics, and I want to prepare myself to meet the opportunities ahead.
My Goals;
1. Learn to use Python to develop mobile data collection app and interactive data visualization dashboards
2. Use python for web scrapping
3. Be able to automate most my manual steps by developing basic plug-ins

I will feel very satisfied with my career if I am able to accomplish these and build on. Thank you.
Robert Spina
I want to change my career... I'm 50 and unemployed I hope that’s not too old to start LOL… I have some knowledge in HTML CSS but that’s as far as I go for now. Programming seems interesting to me.
My goals are to:
1. learn the basics
2. be able to create a simple program
3. Maybe get into IOT (Internet of things) ... I find that fascinating
Eimear Galligan
Hi Robert, Its never too late. Hope your getting on well as I see you first began 2 months ago. :)
Rafeh Qazi
Oh please! Read this if you think you are too old –

In short, no... Not too old! You'll be able to create more than basic programs by the end of this course.

Welcome to Clever Programmers.
Jason Sweetman
I agree,

Im 45, One day I played with MS Access, because it was there, I thought this is cool, and tinkered more and more, I delved into VBA and It got interesting. Now my access app is used throughout my region by upto 90 users. I Had fun, and now I want more. who knows might be the start of a new carrier.
Cody Mahaffey
If you are interested in IOT, look into blockchain tech (bitcoin, etc). Personally makes me want to understand/work with cloud technology more.
Ben Donohoe
I enjoy coding on scratch and I want to do the real thing
poonam ahir
I want to learn python.
Gregg Cline
1. Learn the basics of programming so that I have somewhere to start.
2. Get a job programming.
3. Develop my first app.
I really like the hands on aspects of this course.
Anthony Davis
ive always been interested in learning computer programming. Just never knew where to begin. Saw your youtube videos and I liked how you broke down information and why you prefer started with python. I was having trouble deciding which of the many languages to choose before i saw your youtube video. I am a full time nursing student be i want to learn coding in my spare time.
George Green
Hi Anthony, l can definitely relate to not knowing where to start but here we are, lets make the most of it. At least Python is not syntax heavy and we will eventually become experts in this language.
George Green
My goals:
1. Learn languages that will allow me to become a skilled hacker
2. Create my own projects and sell them for a profit
3. Have a diverse portfolio of skills

I joined the course because l actually want to finish what l started. I've dabbled in a few languages without becoming proficient in any of them. With this website, l can restart the learning process one language at a time.
Joshua Landron
1.Studying for mechanical engineering. to go to the beach with my wife and dogs (so i want a good career to fund that for years to come:)
3.I found your youtube videos helpful.
andre castellanos
1. i'm studying physics
2. i need money to pay university stuff
3. i want to do something that works and can be selled.

because im not very good at programming, even in raptor.
Jimmy Stenman
What's up!
This should be fun...

1. Working in tech business, coding seams like the last peice of the puzzle to learn.
2. I would like to create a app
3. It feels like a whole new world should open

Found this course on youtube, got really interested, works well for me to be able to study during evenings. Travel alot and have alot of boring hotell nights.
Munir Askary
1. I want to learn how to make a game that favours my interests (I love buildings).
2. I want to be able to create my own apps and websites.
3. I want to know how to comunicate with my computer.

I joined this course because I have'nt had much luck with other learningsites and videochannels.
Marko Jegdic
My Goals:

to learn the basics
learn something completely new, it is a challenge for me
well paid

I learn online because it is fast, and you seem like someone who can transfer knowledge.
Jayanta Mazumdar
Very much Interested But, Never good at programming. just a frustrated college student who Seeks to learn and improve in this field.
Learn the basic of programming. to combine and better understand arduino.
sameer imayya
1. i wanna learn how to computer works
2.i like computer programming
3. maybe i will return it to business
rahul raj mishra
Learning PYTHON is the first step in the Programming world for me.
this is like the new fist world language everyone should learn !
Robert L. Mcdade
1. To learn coding in any language possible and to land a good IT job even if it's software designing in Silicon Valley.
2. To understand how to do bug bounties and make a good living.
3. To say that I can code whatever programming I can learn without feeling overwhelmed and feel stupid.

The reason why I join this course is to not feel so frustrated and overwhelmed at learning programming and make it fun and find ways to learn every programming language a lot more easier and not feel so lost and overwhelmed. It seems that this site gets me hopefully about my situation an hopefully to get back on the right track to either a coding/programming boot-camp, a good college that can help with the transition or an apprenticeship with help learning to code to getting a good paying job and be able to understand Python and the many programming languages out there.
Austin freestone
1. I want to prove to myself that i can learn to code
2. I want to take what I learn here and learn other languages
3. I would eventually like to be able to work for Blizzard. It has been a dream of mine since I was a kid but certain life events lead me down a different path.
Creed Garner
I want to learn python, the many uses it has, and what I can create with it.
Chelsea-lee Brummer
1. Expand my knowledge in the workplace. I currently help users be succesful in using a BI Analytics software - keen to understand what happens behind the scenes to better communicate with our developers.
2. Open opportunities for my future career - dont't want to get left behind!
3. I enjoy creating things in my personal time - this will be an awesome hobby to get into. Looking forward to many long, creative nights!
Clay Brown
1. I want to learn about computers and the way they work.
2. I wanna make cool stuff.
3. I want to work in a super cool environment and code every day!
Aman Singh
i always wanted to be a computer programmer.
i want to make really cool apps.
and think this is something that is very cool profile "Programmer".
Jaime de la Fuente
1.- I would like to discover how a computer and the internet really work.
2.- I would like to complement my formal physics education with more programming skills.
3.- I want to have fun learning something challenging
Orion Thomas
1. I would like to learn to write code
2. Read code
3. Want to make apps
I wish to learn how to built web pages, apps and other useful tools
Silas Runge
Just think that coding is cool
Nick Williams
I want to learn this because:
1) I would like to learn to write code
2) Read code
3) and make something that is basic, but successful
Xavier Harris-James
My 3 goals:
1. To be apart of the future with this growing skill-set
2. To get into a career that I like and enjoy, that many aren't going for.
3. Lastly, get to a point so that I can teach my younger siblings a wonderful skill.
I joined because your videos are very informative and gave me hope that there is another route besides the usual mundane job. Eventually a profile pic is coming!!
Christopher Blackey
1. Be able to read my brother's code as he is a comp sci major
2. Develop basic understanding to decide if I want to pursue comp sci in college
3. Try something new!

Why I Joined:
Saw your videos on youtube and liked your mindset
Antonio Greg
Théo Michel
I undestand you ^^..
Ali Younes
Hey Ali here
I like playing guitars and swimming ... not at the same time though
I worked for long in construction and finished a post graduate degree in data science but still I lack programming languages, and still this field needs a lot of practice before getting one's hands dirty in business data sets.
I was very much encouraged by the video "How to Teach Yourself Code" ...
no BS whatsoever ... Rafeh pretty much nailed the whole issues with struggling learners.
I have high hopes in this channel and the methods you use.
Straight facts
Théo Michel
Hi i am Théo Michel i am 16 and i am pretty good a learning languages and my dream (after having watched ex machina )is to creat an artificial intelligence. I also do sports etc I want to do something with my life and coding could maybe help me to do that...
I live vidéo games narratives or rts. Would love to talk with someone interessted in coding ^^
Lenny Barrett
Hello I'm Lenny and I want to learn computer programming, because:

1. I love learning new languages, if programming language or normal IRL language, doesn't matter!
2. If you can do it, it's very useful.
3. Maybe, I want to become an app-developer!
Amanjit Singh
Hello im aman and i want to learn computer programming because:
a) its very skill full to use.
b) i want to be better programmer in the future.
c) it can make things easier.
Mohammad Ahsan
Hello I Like pyhon
1) Its Great
2) its Greater
3) its Greatest
Hello, I am Bior. I like learning new things and I thought learning a programming language is a good way for self development.
I want to be able to do web design or anything python can teach me.
Happy to be part of this family.
Brittany Rae Mosley
Hello, I'm Brittany. I've been into crafting, ideas too numerous, and coding and programming. i'm also an artist....coding is beautiful art. my current project is a smart mirror. i have some experience in coding already from media, arts, and animation class.but that was in 2008 and i don't remember much anymore. So i found this place via my obsession with YouTube watching. Hoping to get a reboot and get my ideas from paper to reality.
Imaneh Ameli
Sounds awesome! I absolutely agree with the coding is like art. Good luck Brittany!
Imaneh Ameli
I love learning languages so I thought learning how to communicate with computers will be fun too! Plus, after learning programming, i can create my own thoughts. it's like opening a new and fantastic world to me :)
Before watching your videos, I had no idea what language I should start with so you with your friendly and honest way of sharing your experience, persuaded me to start from Python. I hope I will enjoy it.
elmo walkes
- I wanted to learn a new programming language and this looks very easy to grasp plus it looks like fun. You must enjoy what you’re doing to progress.
- I want to update my skills giving me a new challenge as well as updating my basic understanding and fundamentals of programming.
- I hope to be fairly (very) proficient and comfortable using Python within the next 4-6 months, that's my goal.
Adedeji Olugboja
To reach a comfortable level of proficiency with regards to programming.
I wanted to learn Python!
To learn a new skill set to help open up more doors for work.
I'm into machine learning and deep learning
s.udhaya kumar
1.i want to learn atleast one coding thoroughly.
2.i want to become a professional coder.
3.i want to get placed in top company.
Kevin Moreno
1. This will strengthen my major
2. Want to be able to help people and help the "open-source" community for the greater good
3. Be able to have the respect of Elon Musk and able to carry a conversation with him.
Sean Bataya
1. My goal is to use programming in my major.
2. My goal is to teach myself something new.
3. My goal is to improve myself as a possible employee.

Why I joined: I've looked at an enormous amount of programming courses some free and some paid but none of them felt personable. Qazi is a really funny guy and also breaks down information in a easy to digest way for non programmers(like myself).
Vladimir Honcik
1. Want to join a prestige university
2. Want to program apps and websites etc.
3. Want to enjoy life

Why I joined:
Because I want to learn programming for a very long time and this website looks the most professional
Kumar Iyengar
1. Want to learn programming
2. Basically for learning Analysis applications (HDFS)
3. Want to get into Analytics
my 3 goals is to
1.learn coding.
2.have enough skills to study in another country progress in life in enjoyable for me way
I wanted to learn Python!
To learn a new skill set to help open up more doors for work.
To be able to study A.I Programming
Warren Ng
- To pick up a new programming language and refresh myself of the fundamentals of programming.
- To prep myself for university and give myself a head start.
- To reach a comfortable level of proficiency with regards to programming.
Rajan Jha
Wanted to learn back-end programming, came to know that python is easy and basic of em all.
Searched it on youtube found clever programmer JOINED it.
Abraham Nsanga
- To be able to study A.I Programming and contribute to the open source
- To be at a point where i can do free lance work when i need funding for my projects
- To be able to understand and look at python as simple algorithm
You seem to really know your shit fam.
To follow my dreams I had in school to be working within computer sciences as I don`t like my job and I would like to be able to give my family a good start in life.

Was looking about what code to learn and found python was mentioned alot and looked up python on youtube and found the clever programmer video so I signed up.
What motivates a 7 yo to code than play PlayStation?
Jeff Uy
I want to feel empowered! My friends are expert programmers and yet here I am clueless about it. :D
Rahul Sharma
I want to learn Python.
Rafeh Qazi
Sweet! Me too. Every day.
tobin williams
Same. Join the club!
Osama Sattar
I want to become a coder and be a pro at it
I signed up after i watched one of your videos
Eddie Medina
I am with you Sharma!
Gautam Katz
I need to change my career from IT support to a developer. Need your help ppl
fahad alotaibi
Hello world

I don't have a lot of reasons

i have one thing " i think it's fun to code "

Robert Charles Thome
I want to have a great career that I could be proud of.
Eddie Medina
I would be the first computer software entrepreneur in my family. I have set realistic goals for my self in order to scratch the surface of computer programming, which are advance what we know about coding, achieve an everyday lifestyle with coding that will comfortably merge my everyday life with my career and help others by keeping a small profit for my hard work. My personal reason for learning Python is in order to achieve and helping others with every day problems!

Eddie M
tobin williams
Hello World,
My three goals are to
1. Understand the world of computer science and programming.
2. Learn code to build radically useful applications.
3. Have knowledge to imagine and make new things.

I joined this course because i was tried of not being able to code. Hopefully it is like learning to solve a Rubric cube, i thought id never solve it. But Ta'Da I did.
Cody Mahaffey
Hey! My name is Cody and I work in biotech and medical devices. Before this I taught engineering and became curiously passionate about microprocessors and how to program them. From there arose my 3 goals:
1. Understand programming for my own enjoyment.
2. Utilize it in creating DIY health monitoring devices.
3. Create an ability for me to enjoy working remotely in the future while creating tools for communities that need it.
I joined this course because I want to start over in my knowledge of programming and work on the fundamentals. Here is to the best!
Jakob Dieterle
Wow, sounds pretty interesting what you are doing there, hope you are doing well and reaching your goals one day ;)
Jakob Dieterle
I want to learn Python (get better in coding python) because I like to create things and to work on my own projects. I would also like to make this for a living some day because I think having your hobby as a job is the best thing that can possibly happen to you... so thats what I am trying to do :)
I hope to have fun in this communiy and learn alot!
Raiyeem Farhan
1. Update your profile picture (make others see you a real human!)

2. Comment below and describe your top 3 goals for why you want to learn computer programming
a. As a tester learn Python so that I can run automated tests for apps
b. I had some programming concepts of "C" which was a part of a module during my BSc(EEE) and then stopped focusing on coding. Now I want to start coding again and based on your youtube video, which actually brought me to this website.
c. I used to love coding which start by creating functions in My Calculator (Casio MS 991x), but I got derailed by mentors in Bangladesh to choose EEE, instead of choosing CSE

3. One reason that made you join the course:
- Your delivery and way of teaching

4. Respond to 1 other person (unless you are the first person!)
- Done
5. Click that button at the bottom right and drop me a line. I am dying to talk with you! Also, you can use that button at ANY time to speak with me (this ensures that you are NEVER, EVER stuck).
- Done
jaseela jasmine
I wanna learn python as I aspire to become a Data Scientist.I am also interested in learning R.Really want a great career in big data and analytics!
Raiyeem Farhan
Nice one. wish you the best
1) I want to do programming as a beginner.
2) I love technology.
3) Looking forward to learn how to read codes.
Muhammad Nasir
1.I want become a top programmer and i love programming
2.I love Digital World
3.I am Information Technology Student
Corry Jackson
1) I always wanted to learn to program. So here I am.
2) Want to take what I learn here to start using Raspberry Pi 3.
3) I want to write a program for Raspberry Pi 3 to replace my car stereo.
1) I want to have fun
Vaidehi Bhadkamkar
1) I will be learning python in University and just want to get a head start
2) I find learning new languages interesting
3) I have extra time on my hand and this took my intererst
Chris Urbano
1. I want to learn a new ability that I am good at
2. Since we are moving into a digital age I feel like like I l can use programming to help the world.
3. I like making things
Nacho Montero
1. I want to make people's lifes easier
2. I want to learn coding in order to do number 1
3. I want to travel the world!!!
Great goals :)

1. I want to create a product that will benefit myself and others in day to day life
2. Learn a new skill
3. Like to be able to work full time using this new skill.
this is peronal information
I'm practicing for when I start my high school classes
learning several languages interests me
game design interests me
Andrew Baxley
Props to you for getting a head start! Programming is a very handy skill to learn and will help you in almost any area of work you might go into. Good luck :)
Andrew Baxley
I want to learn how to program because I've always had a passion and interest with computers and video games. I am highly fascinated in them, and I've even built my own custom PC, which was tons of fun btw. My father is a computer programmer and my oldest brother too. I'd like to know some basics to mess around with as a hobby and maybe pursue as a career. Programming and IT is also very involved in almost every area of work nowadays so it's a highly beneficial skill to have. Learned about this course from your YouTube Channel, which i love :p
hey guys i want to become a programmer because it looks cool and interesting and i love games and it would amazing knowing how to make my own game and know how games work
Noah Tuttle
That's almost the same reason I want to learn!
Noah Tuttle
My top three goals are for why I want to learn programming are
Help me succeed in getting my dream job as a game programmer
help me be more desirable for colleges such as Cal Tech
learn more about the software side of computers
The reason I joined the course is because I saw the YouTube videos and thought the could help me more than googleing everthing
Tyrone White Jr.
My first goal is to learn computer programming to a point where I feel confident learning different types of computer languages. The second goal is to overcome my fear of not being able to learn computer programing. Last goal is to become so good at computer programming that it allows me to teach others. I took intro to computer programming in college and it did not work out well for me. I'm hoping that can be a good start to continue my learning journey.
Alexandra Renee
It's wonderful that one of your main goals is to teach others. There is this whole set of people in the world now who are determined to make quality education available to the world regardless of where one lives in the world and it's so important that you have that passion! Onwards!
Alexandra Renee