Have you ever felt that rush – that excitement – when you are about to start a new course online? You get that coffee, or that smoothie, and walk over excitedly to your computer to start that first assignment. Then, that feeling is followed by another happy feeling when you complete your “Hello World” assignment, or some other relatively easy assignment. So far things are going great and you are right on track with everyone else and you have a perfect 100% score. Your outlook towards the entire situation is completely positive and you cannot wait for the second week of the course to start.

Then something very mysterious happens… The difficulty rate of the course grows exponentially and hits you like a 90 mph baseball truck (I just made that truck up). The first week teaches you the basic concepts of your programming language and the second week expects you to put it all together to create a new operating system (maybe not to that extent… But I hope you get my point).


At this point you look for help and there is no place that offers help in a way where you learn incrementally. Meaning in fact that you learn and practice every single concept exclusively that is included in the project and then you are ready to take on the entire project by yourself. Many courses assume a certain level of competency even though they might be titled Python 101 for Beginners and they make pretty big assumptions as to how a beginner might handle this. These instructors have difficulty empathizing because they cannot remember what it is like to not know. This leads people to either copy code or in an extremely unfortunate case – quit.

Today, I want to talk about a very common problem I see with many people when it comes to taking online courses. Many people start off their courses with the best of intentions, only to somehow see their motivation wither away. What happened to that drive? What happened to the strong will power of being committed and really getting it done this time around? Think about how the first week you were looking forward to the course… But somehow starting the second week you just gave up. You might even find yourself in a cycle of taking courses over and over again only to leave them midway again, uncompleted. I know what this is like – trust me – I have done this way more times than you can imagine.

This is meant to be a multi-purpose blog and one of my goals is to help people that are having difficulty going through some of these online MOOC’s (Massive Open Online Courses offered on websites like Udacity or Coursera) or just some courses on their own. I will share my knowledge of these courses as I go through the courses myself. It is likely I will also be posting programming tutorial videos on my youtube account called ProgrammingTutorials (very original, I know). Here is a sample of my teaching pedagogy. This is an interactive lesson so if you were to go through it, I would actually grade it and give you feedback on this lesson.

I promise the future videos are gonna get much more entertaining and energetic! I try to teach in small bite-sized nuggets by teaching each concept exclusively and then and only then helping you put together the entire thing. This way you have all the tools you need to do the job and you have a working knowledge of each tool separately. One advantage you will have learning these programming concepts from me is that I will be usually posting them up here as I learn them. You will be learning from a perspective very relevant to yours. Relavance is the single most important factor involved in learning and retaining information for a longer period of time. Think about trying to memorize a license plate versus that hilarious joke your friend just told you the other day. Which one is easier to remember? Which one is more relevant to you?

How to overcome this hurdle and complete the course successfully

  • Disect the project and break it down into as many small logically separate parts as you can
  • Learn each concept involved exclusively and try to get comfortable with it by doing many practice exercises
  • Finally, once you have all the concepts down pat exclusively, take a shot at the big project

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